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College # Policy Title System # Procedure
1B.2 Affirmative Action in Employment 1B.2  
1B.4 Americans with Disabilities Act 1B.4  
  Annual Campus Security & Fire Report    
1A College Policy & Procedure Development Policy     College Policy Development Procedure  
Approval Process Flowchart 
1C Code of Conduct & Ethics 1C.0.1 Complaint Form
1B.1 Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education 1B.1 Complaint Form
1R Institutional Review Board   Institutional Review Board Process & Application

Request for Participation in Research - Consent Form
1B.12 Preferred Name Policy    
  Reporting Procedures for Harassment and Discrimination    
1B.3 Sexual Violence Policy and Procedure    
  Admission Appeal    
2.21 Children on Campus    
2.20 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Minnesota Data Practices Act (MDPA)    
  Financial Aid Repayment & Federal Refund Policy    
2.22 Grading Policy   Incomplete Grading Procedure
  Incoming Student Assessment    
2.24 Maximum Credit Load    
  Off-Campus Activities and Field Trip Request    
2.1B.4 On Campus Presence of Therapy and Service Animals    
  Regulations on Activities, Registered Organizations and Use of Properties    
2.2 Residency 2.2  
2.9, 2.9.1 Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy 2.9  
  Student Car Use   Vehicle Fleet Safety Program
2.27 Student Petition Process    
  Tuition Payment and Refund    
3.49 Academic Affairs Standards Council    
3.52 Academic Forgiveness    
3.6; 3.6.1 Academic Misconduct 3.6.1 Complaint Form
3.14 Academic Program Approval    
  Academic Program Redesign    
3.20 Academic Program Replication or Relocation    
3.34 Academic Semester Start Dates 3.34.1  
3.4 Admissions 3.4  
3.30 Advisory Committees 3.30  
  Assessment for College Readiness & Course Placement    
3.27 Copyright 3.27  
3.50 Course Audit   Course Audit Request Form
3.48 Course Final Grade Appeal 3.8 Appeal Procedure
Appeal Form
3.22; 3.22.1 Course Syllabi and Master Course Outlines 3.22  
3.51 Credit Hour 3.36  
3.35 Credit for Prior Learning 3.35 Procedure
3.25 Degree Granting Authority 1A.2.2  
  Drop / Add Policy    
3.31 Graduate Follow up – Consumer Information 3.31  
  Faculty Credentialing      
  Faculty Development Funding     Professional Development Form  
  Faculty Professional Development     Professional Development Form  
3.18; 3.18.1 Honorary Degree Policy, Procedure and Nomination Form 3.18  
3.53 Program Offerings and Recognitions 3.36  
3.47 Recording Classes:  Face to Face and Distance Learning    
3.6; 3.6.1 Student Code of Conduct 3.6.1 Complaint Form
3.8 Student Complaint and Grievance   Complaint Form
3.39 Transfer of Undergraduate Credits 3.21  
4.35 Accessing Public Information    
  Appropriate Use of Electronic Communication and Technology    
4.4F Class Cancellation      
  Code of Ethics in State Government    
  Data Privacy for Employees    
4.20 Direct Deposit      
4.21 Dress Guidelines      
4.8 Emeritus Status Policy & Nomination Form 4.8  
  Employee Disclosure/Data Privacy Information    
4.22 Employee Fundraising Activities and Other Charitable Causes On Campus      
4.24 Faculty Evaluation    

4.24.1 Faculty Evaluation Procedure  

4.24.2 Student Course Surveys  

  Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Policy for Employees    
4.25 Family Medical Leave Act    
  Identify Theft Prevention Program    
4.34 Lactation and Breastfeeding Support Policy    
  Media Procedures for Employees    
4.10 Nepotism 4.10  
  Records Retention Schedule    
4.6 Re-Employment of Early Retirees 4.6  
4.7 Sabbatical Leaves 4.7  
4.27 Sick Leave     Sick Leave Procedure  
4.28 Social Media Policy for Employees      
4.29 Staff Development Policy     Procedure  
  Student Affairs Vacation      
4.5 Student Employment    
4.30 Student Directory Information Available to the Public    
4.38 Telecommuting Policy & Agreement Form      
4.33 Tuition Waiver Policy (Employees)      
4.0 Volunteer Policy 4.0.1  
4.4 Weather Related School Closing    
5.22 Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources Policy 5.22 Procedure
5.24.7 Accident & Injury Reporting Procedure    
5.18 Alcoholic Beverage or Controlled Substances on Campus 5.18 Checklist
  Audio Visual Equipment      
5.35 Branding    
5.32 College Vehicle Usage      
5.15 Fundraising    
  Possession or Carry of Firearms 5.21  
5.23 Security and Privacy of Information Resources    
5.24 Safety and Health    
5.34 Security Camera    
5.30 Drug Free Campus    
5.31 Tobacco-Free    
5.36 Recruitment of Students Policy    
6.17 Employee Key Usage and Building Security      
6.15 Facilities Use and Rental   Facilities Use Request / Permit
6.19 Fitness Center Usage Policy    
6.7.2 Leasing of College Property 6.7.2  
6.8 Naming of Buildings, Sites, and Common Areas 6.8 Naming Opportunities & Levels Guide
6.16 Parking   Parking Plan Overview/Compliance/Access and Fees Procedure
6.18 Security Card Access      
7.3 Auxiliary Operations    
  Cancellation for Non-Payment    
  Purchasing Card      
  Request for Approval to Incur Special Expense      
  Riverland Related Foundation    
  Student Housing