Riverland Directory

First Name Last Name Phone Department Job Title
Adam Hahn Adam Hahn 507-433-0632 Carpentry
Adenuga Atewologun Adenuga Atewologun 507-433-0607 Administration President
Admissions Workroom Admissions Workroom 507-433-7380 Admissions
Adult Basic Education Adult Basic Education 507-433-0538 Adult Basic Education
Affirmative Action Office Affirmative Action Office 507-433-0529 Affirmative Action
Aimee Sue Larson Aimee Sue Larson 507-433-0340 Human Resources Human Resources Business Partner
Al Erdahl Al Erdahl 507-433-0585 Biology Faculty
Al Henslin Al Henslin 507-379-3400 Construction Electrician Faculty
AL Shuda AL Shuda 507-433-0535 Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Faculty
Alan Lawrence Alan Lawrence 507-379-3343 Industrial Maintenance Faculty
Alexis Allen Alexis Allen 507-433-0341 Institutional Advancement Annual Giving & Advancement Communication Specialist
Alexis Beckett Alexis Beckett 507-433-0642 Admissions Admissions Specialist
Alison Sabinish Alison Sabinish 507-433-0562 Advising Academic Advisor
Allen Wacek Allen Wacek n/a
Allyson Klankowski Allyson Klankowski 507-433-0675 Nursing Faculty
Amanda Mathews Amanda Mathews 507-433-0374 Advising Director of Advising Services
Amber Caswell Amber Caswell 507-433-0583 Advising Academic Advisor
Amber Sikora Amber Sikora Cosmetology Adjunct Faculty
Amy Wagner Amy Wagner 507-433-0575 Advising Academic Advisor
Amy Wallin Amy Wallin 507-433-0348 Math Adjunct Faculty
Andrew Kaiser Andrew Kaiser 507-433-0814 Athletics Athletic Coach
Andrew McCoy Andrew McCoy 507-379-3365 Facilities General Maintenance Worker
Andrew Romo Andrew Romo 507-433-0352 Nursing Faculty
Anna Meyer Anna Meyer 507-433-0600 Physical Education Adjunct Faculty
Annette Huffman Annette Huffman 507-433-0688 Business Office Account Clerk
Apple Lane Community Childcare Apple Lane Community Childcare 507-433-0070 Apple Lane Childcare
Art Rooms Art Rooms 507-433-0546 Art
Assessment Center Assessment Center 507-379-3341 Academic Affairs
Barb Embacher Barb Embacher 507-433-0659 Academic Affairs Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Barb Houle Barb Houle 507-433-0584 Psychology Faculty
Barbara Judd Barbara Judd 507-431-2223 Spanish Adjunct Faculty
Barry Kurtz Barry Kurtz 507-438-2126 Farm Business Management Faculty
Benjamin Dundas Benjamin Dundas 507-379-3365 Facilities Building Utilities Mechanic
Betsy Goetz Betsy Goetz 507-433-0504 English Faculty
Biology Lab Biology Lab 507-433-0372 Academic Affairs
BJ Witts BJ Witts 507-433-0835 Communications & Marketing Marketing & Graphic Specialist
Bob Roche Bob Roche 507-433-0608 Customized Training Truck Driving Instructor
Bob Silbaugh Bob Silbaugh 507-379-3339 Computer Technology Faculty
Bookstore - Austin Bookstore - Austin 507-433-0541 Bookstore
Box Office Box Office 507-433-0595 Theatre
Brad Doss Brad Doss 507-433-0523 Business Office Vice President of Finance & Operations
Branden McKenna Branden McKenna 507-431-2253 Facilities General Maintenance Worker
Brenda Mandt Brenda Mandt 507-433-0694 Computer Technology Faculty
Brianna Deterling Brianna Deterling 218-262-9280 Art Adjunct Faculty
Brieana Leif Brieana Leif Customized Training Customized Training - NA Actor
Britani Espe Britani Espe 507-433-0646 Advising PSEO & Accessibility Services, Academic Advisor
Brooke Fluegel Brooke Fluegel 507-433-0574 Nursing Faculty
Bruce Hemann Bruce Hemann 507-433-0600 Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Faculty
Carine Omole Carine Omole 507-433-0351 TRIO TRIO SSS Director
Carrie Moore Carrie Moore 507-379-3341 Academic & Student Affairs Assessment Coordinator
Catherine Haslag Catherine Haslag 507-433-0831 Chemistry Faculty
Cedar Valley Services (Austin West) Cedar Valley Services (Austin West) 507-433-0689 Cedar Valley Services
Chad Hacker Chad Hacker 507-379-3352 Construction Electrician Faculty
Charlotte Elvebak Charlotte Elvebak 507-379-3348 Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant- Trades & Technology
Chelsea Petersen Chelsea Petersen 507-433-0603 Financial Aid Financial Aid Advisor
Chris Wolf Chris Wolf 507-433-0676 Nursing, Health & Wellness Dean of Academic Affairs: Nursing, Health & Wellness
Christy Tryhus Christy Tryhus 507-433-0617 Academic Affairs Dean of Academic Affairs: Business, Social Sciences, Public Safety & Customized Training
Chuck Meyer Chuck Meyer 507-433-0674 Biology Faculty
Ciara Miller Ciara Miller 507-433-0525 Business Office Director of Business Services
Copy Center Copy Center 433-0366 Copy Center
Cory Loecher Cory Loecher 507-433-0507 Facilities General Maintenance Worker
Cosmetology Salon Cosmetology Salon 507-433-0633 Cosmetology
Courtney Hegland Courtney Hegland TRIO TRIO Administrative Assistant
Craig Latch Craig Latch 507-433-0615 Customized Training Instructor
Crystal Moritz Crystal Moritz Nursing Faculty
Curtis Sandsmark Curtis Sandsmark 507-433-0645 Radiography Faculty
Cynthia Newton Cynthia Newton 507-379-3355 Math Faculty
Dan Harber Dan Harber 507-431-2209 Technology and Learning Resources Director of Technology
Dan Wirkus Dan Wirkus 507-379-3324 Accounting Faculty
Dani Heiny Dani Heiny 507-433-0517 Diversity Chief Diversity Officer and Director of Special Projects
Daniel Longsdorf Daniel Longsdorf 507-379-3376 Diesel Technology Faculty
Darcy Drake-Tapp Darcy Drake-Tapp 507-433-0639 Financial Aid Financial Aid Advisor
Darian Montplaisir Darian Montplaisir 507-433-0356 Student Affairs Learning Specialist
Debbie Johnson Debbie Johnson 507-433-0510 Human Resources HR Business Partner
Debra McManimon Debra McManimon 507-431-2245 Business Administration Faculty
Denise Kvam Denise Kvam 507-433-0645 Radiography Adjunct Faculty
Dennis Schwab Dennis Schwab 507-686-0780 History Faculty
Derek Hahn Derek Hahn 507-433-0569 Athletics Athletic Director
Doc Andree Doc Andree 507-433-0369 Computer Technology Faculty
Domonique Venzant Domonique Venzant 507-433-0579 Art Faculty
Dyan Strouf Dyan Strouf 507-433-0811 Registrar Records and Registration Assistant
Dylan Fasbender Dylan Fasbender 507-433-0806 Facilities General Maintenance Worker
Ed Kirsch Ed Kirsch 507-379-3365 Facilities
Ediget Tadesse Ediget Tadesse TRIO TRIO Tutor Coordinator
Elizabeth Tinaglia Elizabeth Tinaglia 507-444-8919 Agricultural Sciences Faculty
Ellen Goslee Ellen Goslee 507-433-0544 Nursing Faculty
Eryk Wangsness Eryk Wangsness 507-431-2253 Facilities Building Utilities Mechanic
Finagnon Houndagnon Finagnon Houndagnon Business Office Copy Center Clerk
Financial Aid Financial Aid 507-433-0511 Financial Aid
Foundation Office Foundation Office 507-433-0630 Institutional Advancement
Frank Spaeth Frank Spaeth 507-993-7466 Athletics Head Coach Soccer, Adjunct Faculty
Gadisa Birhanu Gadisa Birhanu Copy Center Copy Center Clerk
Gema Alvarado-Guerrero Gema Alvarado-Guerrero 507-433-0681 Human Services Faculty
Grant Kara Grant Kara Nursing Adjunct Faculty
Greg Peoples Greg Peoples 507-433-0600 Computer Technology Faculty
Haley Bauer Haley Bauer 507-433-0580 Registrar Associate Registrar & Advising
Hannah Hemann Hannah Hemann 507-433-0563 Math Faculty
Heather Earl Heather Earl 507-379-3351 Business Administration Faculty
Heidi Goebel Heidi Goebel 507-433-0377 Office of the President Administrative Assistant
Heidi Schara Heidi Schara 507-433-0830 Speech Faculty
Holly Eisenman Holly Eisenman 507-433-0662 Medical Assistant Faculty
Holly Loberg Holly Loberg 507-431-2206 Admissions Admissions Specialist
Holly Sherman Holly Sherman 507-433-0606 Office of the President Executive Assistant
Housing Housing 507-491-0083 Institutional Advancement
Ignazio Carnevale Ignazio Carnevale Customized Training Truck Driving Lab Assistant
Jack Longress Jack Longress 507-379-3377 Automotive Services Faculty
Jacki Anderson Jacki Anderson 507-433-0605 Technology and Learning Resources Help Desk Manager
Jaime Meyer Jaime Meyer 507-433-0375 Athletics Coach
James Douglass James Douglass 507-433-0611 Communications & Marketing Executive Director of Communications, Media Relations and Marketing
Jamie Johnson Jamie Johnson 507-379-3400 Construction Electrician Faculty
Jane Bute Jane Bute 507-433-0356 Academic Affairs Learning Specialist
Jane McKinley Jane McKinley 507-433-0551 Nursing, Health & Wellness College Laboratory Service Specialist
Janelle Koepke Janelle Koepke 507-433-0695 Institutional Advancement Dean of Institutional Advancement
Jason Dibble Jason Dibble 507-433-0806 Facilities General Maintenance Worker
Jean Kyle Jean Kyle 507-433-0568 Affirmative Action Director of College Partnerships &Transitions
Jeanette Lukowski Jeanette Lukowski 507-433-0553 English Adjunct Faculty
Jeannie Diggs Jeannie Diggs 507-433-0571 Technology and Learning Resources Librarian
Jefferson Swagerty Jefferson Swagerty 651-772-9703 Science Faculty
Jeffrey Daily Jeffrey Daily 507-433-0608 Truck Driving Adjunct Faculty
Jen Ouellette-Schramm Jen Ouellette-Schramm 507-433-0812 Academic Affairs Interim Dean of Academic Affairs
Jennifer Dalager Jennifer Dalager 507-433-0673 Nursing Faculty
Jennifer Deane Jennifer Deane Academic & Student Affairs Dean of Academic Affairs: Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jennifer Branchaud Jennifer Branchaud Registrar Administrative Assistant to Student Affairs
Jennifer Linnett Jennifer Linnett 507-433-0600 Human Services Faculty
Jennifer Palma Jennifer Palma 507-433-0507 Facilities General Maintenance Worker
Jennifer Patterson Jennifer Patterson 507-433-0610 Registrar Director of Registration/Registrar
Jennifer Smith Jennifer Smith 507-384-8676 (c) Farm Business Management Faculty
Jenny Corey-Gruenes Jenny Corey-Gruenes 507-433-0658 English Faculty
Jeremy Corey-Gruenes Jeremy Corey-Gruenes 507-320-9298 English Faculty
Jerry Kramer Jerry Kramer 507-433-0697 Geography Faculty
Jill Wagner Jill Wagner 507-433-0693 Biology Faculty
Jillian Dicke Jillian Dicke 507-402-8986 Farm Business Management Faculty
Job Service Job Service 507-433-0555
John Berke John Berke 507-433-0802 English Faculty
John Carlson John Carlson 507-431-2244 Math Faculty
John Deyo John Deyo 507-433-0376 Academic Affairs Theatre Technician
John Johnson John Johnson 507-379-3365 Facilities General Maintenance Worker
Jon Olseth Jon Olseth 507-433-0503 English Faculty
Jon Vietor Jon Vietor 507-379-3359 Construction Electrician Lab Assistant
Jonathan Rymer Jonathan Rymer 507-433-0608 Truck Driving Faculty
Joseph Christian Joseph Christian 507-433-0620 Academic Affairs Director of Institutional Research
Josh Christenson Josh Christenson 507-379-3361 Construction Electrician Faculty
Julia Lucio Julia Lucio 507-433-0541 Bookstore Bookstore Clerk
Julia Wagner Julia Wagner 507-433-0838 English Faculty
Juliana Sammon Juliana Sammon 507-431-2215 Advising Academic Advisor
Karen Kleinwort Karen Kleinwort 507-433-0587 English Temporary Part-Time Faculty
Karla Caruso Karla Caruso 507-433-0567 Massage Therapy Faculty
Kayla Chrz Kayla Chrz 507-433-0672 Nursing Faculty
Kevin Lobb Kevin Lobb 507-433-0806 Facilities General Maintenance Worker
Kim Byam Kim Byam 507-433-0651 Bookstore Bookstore Clerk
Kim Hansen Kim Hansen 507-379-3342 Accounting Faculty
Kim Nelson Kim Nelson 507-379-3335 Academic Affairs Interim Dean of Academic Affairs; Agriculture, Transportation, Trades
Kim Schaufenbuel Kim Schaufenbuel 507-431-2250 Customized Training Representative
Kimberly Severson Kimberly Severson 507-433-0600 Athletics Volleyball Assistant Coach
Kris Bartley Kris Bartley 507-379-3321 Registrar Records and Registration Assistant
Kris Gullord Kris Gullord 507-379-3316 Advising Academic Advisor
Krista Olson Krista Olson 507-433-0378 Technology and Learning Resources Student Relationship Management Analyst/Developer
Kristen Wilson Kristen Wilson 507-433-0544 Nursing Adjunct Faculty
Kyle Huneke Kyle Huneke 507-438-4924 Farm Business Management Faculty
Lacey Lammers Lacey Lammers Nursing Adjunct Faculty
Laura Hardy Laura Hardy 507-433-0825 Academic Affairs - Liberal Arts & Sciences Administrative Assistant
Laurel Panser Laurel Panser 507-433-0519 Philosophy Adjunct Faculty
Laurie Minehart Laurie Minehart 507-433-0630 Institutional Advancement Associate Director of Institutional Advancement
Library Library 507-433-0533 Technology and Learning Resources
Linda Wasmoen Linda Wasmoen 507-379-3323 Financial Aid Student Affairs Generalist, Veteran's Certifying Official
Lindsay Ranschau Lindsay Ranschau 507-433-0645 Radiography Faculty
Lindsey Williams Lindsey Williams 507-434-7390 Theatre Faculty
Lisa Baudler Lisa Baudler 507-433-0371 Spanish Adjunct Faculty
Lisa Quam Lisa Quam 507-433-0533 Library Library Technician
Lisa Simon Lisa Simon 507-433-0635 Cosmetology Faculty
Loel Vinge Loel Vinge 507-433-0354 Business Office Accounting Technician
Luke Mulder Luke Mulder 507-379-3366 Construction Electrician Faculty
Lynda Kiesler Lynda Kiesler 507-433-0837 Biology Adjunct Faculty
Lynee Larson Lynee Larson 507-433-0389 Academic Affairs Adjunct Faculty
Lynn Hoffmann Lynn Hoffmann 507-320-8193 Farm Business Management Faculty
Marc Serrett Marc Serrett 507-433-0692 Human Resources Vice President of Human Resources and Employee Relations
Marie Lechelt Marie Lechelt 507-433-0379 English Adjunct Faculty
Mark Baas Mark Baas 507-431-2202 Technology and Learning Resources Vice President of Technology and Learning Services
Mark Paddock Mark Paddock 507-433-0632 Carpentry Faculty (Temporary Part-Time)
Marlene Wipplinger Marlene Wipplinger 507-433-0549 Nursing, Health & Wellness Administrative Assistant
Mary Ellen Abdo Mary Ellen Abdo Academic & Student Affairs
Mathew Bera Mathew Bera 507-379-3363 Customized Training Customized Training Faculty
Matt Durand Matt Durand 507-363-6132 Academic Affairs Faculty
Melanie Bell Melanie Bell Nursing Adjunct Faculty
Melinda Kieffer Melinda Kieffer Chemistry Adjunct Faculty
Melissa Siebke Melissa Siebke 507-431-2218 English Faculty
Melissa Wolff Melissa Wolff 507-433-0669 Nursing Faculty
Melodee Morem Melodee Morem 507-433-0558 Admissions International Student Advisor
Michael Boone Michael Boone 507-433-0507 Facilities General Maintenance Worker
Michael Skime Michael Skime 507-433-0806 Facilities General Maintenance Worker
Michelle Hjelmen Michelle Hjelmen 507-433-0366 Copy Center Mailroom/Copy Center Coordinator
Michelle Olsen Michelle Olsen 507-379-3340 Admissions Call Center Resource Specialist
Michelle Morehouse Michelle Morehouse Institutional Advancement Director of Career and Community Connections
Miguel Garate Miguel Garate 507-433-0686 Admissions Admissions Specialist
Mike Howe Mike Howe 507-433-0621 Safety & Security Safety Administrator
Monica McBee Monica McBee 507-379-3318 Technology and Learning Resources Information Technology Specialist 2
Nancy Satern Nancy Satern 507-433-0522 Business Office Cashier
Neil Opstad Neil Opstad 507-433-0615 Academic Affairs Faculty
Nel Zellar Nel Zellar 507-433-0832 Admissions Director of Admissions & New Student Relations
Nicholas Nelson Nicholas Nelson 507-676-5612 Nursing Adjunct Faculty
Nick Schiltz Nick Schiltz 507-433-0657 Agricultural Sciences Faculty
Noemi Herrera Noemi Herrera 507-433-0350 Admissions Call Center Resource Specialist
Olle Gladso Olle Gladso 507-379-3347 Automotive Services Faculty
Oscar Gonzalez Oscar Gonzalez 507-433-0560 Student Affairs Dean of Student Affairs
Page Petersen Page Petersen 507-433-0650 Business Office Buyer
Pam Ruble Pam Ruble 507-396-0430 Math Faculty
Pat Parsons Pat Parsons 507-433-0826 Nursing Faculty
Patty Hemann Patty Hemann 507-433-0816 Financial Aid Director of Financial Aid
Paul Anderson Paul Anderson 507-433-0685 Psychology Faculty
Paul Seleski Paul Seleski 507-433-0615 Customized Training
Paula Halvorsen Paula Halvorsen 507-433-0696 Registrar Associate Registrar
Peggy Young Peggy Young 507-433-0602 Customized Training
Penny Rosenthal Penny Rosenthal 507-433-0801 Advocacy Director of Advocacy Services
Rayce Hardy Rayce Hardy 507-433-0577 Economics
Rebecca Denaway Rebecca Denaway 507-433-0513 Advocacy Social Worker
Rebecca Flohrs Rebecca Flohrs 507-433-0589 Massage Therapy
Rex Quam Rex Quam 507-301-1140 Farm Business Management Faculty
Rhonda Besel Rhonda Besel 507-433-0649 Cosmetology Faculty
Rich Watkins Rich Watkins 507-396-0434 Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Faculty
Richard Campbell Richard Campbell 507-433-0576 English Faculty
Ricki Walters Ricki Walters 507-279-4668 English Adjunct Faculty
Roger Panzer Roger Panzer 507-379-3347 Automotive Services Faculty
Roxanne Holst Roxanne Holst 507-433-0807 English
Ruth Stadheim Ruth Stadheim 507-433-0348 Academic Affairs Adjunct Faculty
Ryan Steele Ryan Steele 507-320-2278 Farm Business Management Faculty
Sally Southwick Sally Southwick 507-433-0627 Institutional Advancement Director of Grants
Sandy Roe Sandy Roe 507-433-0619 Communications & Marketing Web Developer
Sarah Hartman Sarah Hartman 507-433-0612 Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant
Sarv Mithaqiyan Sarv Mithaqiyan 507-433-0593 Communications & Marketing Interactive Media Coordinator
Scott Blankenbaker Scott Blankenbaker 507-433-0547 Music Faculty
Scott Brechtel Scott Brechtel 507-433-0699 Facilities Building Utilities Mechanic
Scott Pierce Scott Pierce Business Administration Faculty
Scott Koenigs Scott Koenigs 507-433-0804 Sociology Faculty
Shailja Verma Shailja Verma 507-379-3355 Math Faculty
Shanaya Johnson Shanaya Johnson Customized Training Customized Training - NA Actor
Shanda Stromley Shanda Stromley 507-433-0672 Nursing Adjunct Faculty
Shane Skime Shane Skime 507-433-0663 Facilities Building Utilities Mechanic
Shane Wrede Shane Wrede 507-431-2205 Technology and Learning Resources Information Technology Specialist 3
Shannon Johnson Shannon Johnson 507-379-3392 Diesel Technology Faculty
Shawn Martin Shawn Martin 507-433-0815 Technology and Learning Resources Instructional Technology Coordinator
Shawn O'Connor Shawn O'Connor 507-433-0564 Facilities Physical Plant Supervisor
Sherry Vietor Sherry Vietor 507-379-3344 Business Office Faculty
Stacy Edland Stacy Edland 507-433-0679 TRIO Advisor
Stephanie Weckwerth Stephanie Weckwerth 507-379-3371 Business Office Senior Account Clerk
Stephanie Emanuel Stephanie Emanuel 507-433-0520 Advising Academic Advisor
Stephen Wright Stephen Wright 507-433-0806 Facilities General Maintenance Worker
Sue Knoll Sue Knoll 507-433-0833 Biology Faculty
Suhai Boyer Suhai Boyer 507-379-3328 Student Affairs Accessibility Services Specialist
Susan Bender Susan Bender 507-556-1551 Economics Faculty
Susan Hansen Susan Hansen 507-433-0536 Theatre Adjunct Faculty
Susan Johnson Susan Johnson 507-433-0626 Computer Technology Adjunct Faculty
Susan Radloff Susan Radloff 507-433-0389 Music Adjunct Faculty
Suzette Overby Suzette Overby 507-433-0537 Human Services Faculty
Suzy Hebrink Suzy Hebrink 507-433-0373 Physical Education Faculty
Tanya Whitehouse Tanya Whitehouse 507-433-0667 Philosophy Faculty
Taylor Flugge Taylor Flugge 507-433-0636 Advising Austin Assurance Program Coordinator
Theo Beckmann Theo Beckmann 507-433-0509 Technology and Learning Resources Management Analyst
Thomas Andrist Thomas Andrist 507-433-0810 Technology and Learning Resources Information Technology Specialist 3
Timothy Olson Timothy Olson 507-433-0348 Customized Training Representative
Todd Fjeldberg Todd Fjeldberg 507-379-3315 Business Office Accounting Technician
Todd Penske Todd Penske 507-437-2001 Academic Affairs Adjunct Faculty
Tom Anderson Tom Anderson 507-259-6269 Farm Business Management Faculty
Tom Enfield Tom Enfield 507-433-0346 Facilities Groundskeeper
Tom Fogal Tom Fogal 507-433-0608 Truck Driving Lab Assistant
Tom Woodhouse Tom Woodhouse 507-433-0803 History Faculty
Traci Nelson Traci Nelson 507-383-3225 Farm Business Management Faculty
Vicki Kintop Vicki Kintop 507-433-0645 Radiography Faculty
Virginia Johanson Virginia Johanson 507-433-0543 Physics Faculty
Wade Detwiler Wade Detwiler 507-433-0638 Facilities Facilities Services Supervisor
Wanda McCoy Wanda McCoy 507-433-0615 Customized Training Fire/EMS Training & Education
Wayne Busch Wayne Busch 507-433-0648 Biology Adjunct Faculty