Cancellations for Non-Payment

Minimum payment criteria that must be met by the due dates to avoid an administrative drop of all courses includes one of the following PAYMENT CRITERIA:

  1. Full payment by cash, check or credit card, payments can be made by mail, in person or online at
  2. Enrollment in the FACTS Payment Plan online.
  3. Financial aid application (FAFSA) processed by the Department of Education and on file at the College. 
    • PLEASE NOTE: Once you have applied for financial aid and find that you are not eligible to receive grants and/or loans, you will be financially obligated for all classes not dropped. See * below.   

  4. Consortium agreement submitted to the college.
  5. Third party agency funding authorization submitted to the college.
  6. Scholarship or tuition waiver of at least 15% of tuition and fees owed.
  7. Down payment of 15% or $300 of tuition and fees owed, whichever is less. The down payment will save your registration but will not prevent assessment of a $50 late fee if the balance remains unpaid by the 28th calendar day of the term.

To assist with the policy change, it is recommended that students exercise the following options:

  • File a FAFSA for the current school year online as soon as possible; or
  • Enroll in the FACTS Payment Plan; and
  • Monitor online student account/financial aid information by logging in with student tech id and PIN on our website. Once student tuition and fee charges are posted, there will be messages to indicate whether payment criteria to avoid an administrative drop has been met or not. Look for a GREEN GO SIGN, you will remain enrolled in your classes; a RED STOP SIGN indicates that you must meet one of the payment criteria to remain enrolled in your classes. If any known payment or financial aid information is not appearing on the online screens, this should be reported for resolution as early as possible.

* Students who register and later change their plans for attendance should not rely on the Registration Cancellation for Nonpayment process to complete administrative drops for them if they meet the above criteria. Students who do not plan on attending registered classes, must complete a drop form in person at the College or complete a drop form online.