Student Success Initiative

Riverland Student Success Initiative

Unrestricted gifts made to the Riverland Foundation raise funds for the Student Success Initiative allowing for more students to complete their diplomas, certificates, or degrees and enter the workforce in southeast Minnesota.

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Your gifts to support the Riverland Student Success Initiative make a difference and will provide support for the following:

Scholarships for Students

Cost of education can be a significant barrier for students. Many students today work full or part-time jobs in addition to going to school. Scholarship support helps reduce the cost for students and allows them to focus on their education. Scholarships given through the Student Success Initiative allows the Riverland Foundation to award funds where needed most.

Program Enhancement and Innovation

Riverland strives to provide best-in-class programs for our students. The Advancement Team works with College leadership to identify specific projects and initiatives to raise funds for updated equipment, new programming, and other innovative initiatives.

Crisis Emergency Support for Students

Sometimes an unexpected expense, like car repairs, can force a student to decide whether they can afford to stay in school or need to work more to pay for the expense.By providing small emergency assistance grants to students we are able to help students stay in school, get through unexpected bumps in the road, and work towards completion of their degree or program.

Student SuccessGraduates from Riverland are making a difference everyday in our communities because of their success at Riverland.  Check out some Alumni Stories to see how your support makes a difference!