Future Giving

Leave your legacy with a future gift to the Riverland Foundation. Gifts will help students succeed in the years to come. You can make a planned gift through the following options:

Your Will

Your will can include gifts in the form of:

a) cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or personal property

b) a specified percentage of your estate

Be sure to work closely with your attorney if you want the Riverland Foundation to be the recipient of a future gift.

Beneficiary Designation

You can name Riverland Foundation as a full or partial beneficiary of your life insurance policies or retirement accounts which can be significant ways to support Riverland.  Be sure to work with your insurance agent or retirement account administrator.


If you have other future gifts in mind, please contact Riverland Foundation at (507)433-0630. It is best if we have documentation about your plans so we can ensure that you are thanked for your gift during your lifetime and document the designation of your future gift.