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Rustam Zufarov - 2007

"You can tie all of my achievements and success stories to the first two years I spent in the U.S. to Riverland"

Assistant Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago

Wendy Rivera - 2019

"Riverland gave me all the tools and leadership skills to prepare me for the Nurse Manager position.""

RN Nurse Manager at Throne Crest Living

Justin Steinbach - 2020

"Although I have always considered myself as one with a high mechanical aptitude, I learned many new technical things that have helped me in my daily work"

Industrial Maintenance Technician at Viracon.

Dave Mullenbach

"Riverland is a great place to get an education in a vocation of your choice."

Retired from IBM - Remote Advanced Customer Engineer

Sonja Sigler Harris - 2020

"Having a Riverland Campus in Owatonna was extremely helpful in my securing the training that I needed for my current career. My advisor was also incredibly helpful."

Certified Nurse Assistant at Benedictine Living Community

Matt Greibrok - 1981

Incredible real-world experience. The hands-on trade training really set Riverland apart for me.

Coo Sanco Enterprises

Grace Wobbrock - 2018

PSEO was helpful heading to college. I was able to finish my generals with no expense to me and fast track my way through school.

Student - Viracon - Barista

Dori Etheridge

"My Riverland Experince was invaluable and I love it"

Owner of Peppered Cow Food Truck

Ali Arteaga - 2012

"Riverland helped me develop life skills that have proved to be immensely helpful I the workplace and as a graduate student."

U.S. Air Force - Mental Health Counseling Graduate Students

Karem Salas Ramirez - 2013

"I am grateful for the chance I had to meet so many great people who inspired, encourage, and strengthened me at Riverland."

Community Impact Coordinator at United Way of Mower County

Daphney Maras - 1982

"The secretarial program at Riverland felt like something I could do and something I could afford when I wanted an education."

City Clerk at the City of Albert Lea

Shari Jensen - 1988

After moving away from the area, Shari Jenson '88 returned to the area to take on the role of Executive Director at the Albert Lea Chamber of Commerce. She is excited to be back in the area closer to her friends and family. Shari believes whether you know exactly what want to do in life or want to take some courses to figure it out, Riverland is the answer!

Becky Noble - 1976

"All the classes combine gave me all the tools I have needed to work in many of the different types of offices I have been in my career."

Executive Director at Blooming Prairie Chamber of Commerce

Beau Hartman - 2000

"Affordability, accessibility of faculty, and small class sizes were a really big deal for me at Riverland. It was a great Experience."

Lawyer and Owner at Harman Law Office & Co-Owner of the Outlet

Adam Hamberg - 2003

"I would encourage everyone who has the desire and drive to wear the uniform to check out Riverland's Criminal Justice Program."

Patrol Sergeant for the Albert Lea Police Department

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