Are You a Riverland Alum?

We salute the generations of students, faculty, and staff as well as the three communities that host our campuses – Austin, Albert Lea, and Owatonna – for forming the foundation for Riverland Community College. You have inspired our vision to achieve BEST-IN-CLASS status in programs through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service.

If you completed 12 or more credits at one of the following institutions, we are proud to call you an alum!

Austin Junior College Logo Austin Junior College 1940-1967
  Austin Area Vocational Technical School 1951-1972
  Austin State Junior College 1967-1974
Albert Lea Area Vocational Technical Institute Albert Lea Area Vocational Technical Institute 1968-1989
	Austin Area Vocational Technical Institute Austin Area Vocational Technical Institute 1972-1986
Austin Community College Austin Community College 1974-1996
  Austin State Junior College, Owatonna Extension Center 1971-1973
Owatonna Technical Training Center Owatonna Technical Training Center 1983-1998
Austin Technical Institute 1986-1989
Albert Lea Technical College Albert Lea Technical College 1989-1992
Austin Technical College Austin Technical College 1989-1991
Minnesota Riverland Technical College Minnesota Riverland Technical College 1991-1996
Albert Lea/Mankato Technical College Albert Lea/Mankato Technical College 1992-1993
South Central Technical College South Central Technical College 1993-1996
  Owatonna Higher Education Center 1998-2002
  Owatonna College and University Center 2002-2008
Riverland Community College Riverland Community College 1996-Present

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