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Would you like to connect with a career that has constant demand for your skills and is recognized by both Minnesota and Iowa for work credit?

The Riverland Electrician-Construction Program is designed to train you either as an entry-level Electrician-Construction or Maintenance Electrician. Electrician-Construction assemble, install, and wire different types of equipment for residential, commercial and industrial installations. Work may include basic circuits, electrical motors and their controls, electronic controls, programmable logic controllers and variable frequency drives. Maintenance Electricians maintain, repair and replace malfunctioning parts and equipment, programmable logic controllers and variable frequency drives, usually in manufacturing or industrial plants. A solid background in math and good reading comprehension are important skills for applicants to this program.

Students gain hands-on, real-world work experience by participating in wiring a new house. This enables you to find solutions to on-the-job challenges under the guidance of expert instructors. You can look forward to an exceptional learning experience that combines classroom, lab settings and required general education classes with instructors that are Class A Master electricians in Both Minnesota and Iowa.

Electricians typically do the following:

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Read blueprints and wiring schematics
  • Install and maintain wiring, control, and lighting systems
  • Inspect electrical components, such as transformers and circuit breakers
  • Identify electrical problems using a variety of testing devices
  • Repair, troubleshoot, or replace wiring, equipment, or fixtures using hand tools and power tools
  • Follow state and local building regulations based on the National Electrical Code
  • Direct and train workers to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring or equipment

Industry Partners

An industry partner is a company, organization, or business that collaborates with Riverland to provide valuable support, resources, and expertise. This partnership is established to enhance the educational experience and career opportunities for our students.

Arnold's of Alden

Amesbury Truth 

Cedar Lake Electric Inc.

Cedar Lake Electric Inc. 

Freeborn Mower Electric Cooperative

Freeborn Mower Electric Cooperative 

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Employment Outlook

Riverland Construction Electrician graduates will be ready to enter the workforce as entry-level construction electricians with union and non-union contractors or entry level maintenance electricians. Students may also pursue a career in electrical sales or low voltage, which would include fire alarm, communications, information technology, home automation and installing satellite TV. This trade offers unlimited opportunities in many areas of the country and there are excellent opportunities for advancement. This outstanding Riverland program opens the door to your future in the electrical industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is forecasting a high demand for skilled technicians in the near future. Ask your Program Advisor what this can mean for you.

Job Prospects

The job prospects for electricians should be very good as many employers report difficulty finding qualified applicants. In addition to job growth, there also are a large number of electricians approaching retirement age, which should produce more job openings in the coming decade.

Employment of electricians fluctuates with the overall economy. On the one hand, there is greater demand for electricians during peak periods of construction building and maintenance. On the other hand, workers may experience periods of unemployment when the overall level of construction and maintenance falls.

Electricians in factories tend to have the most stable employment. 

Electricians who can perform many different tasks, such as electronic systems repair, solar photovoltaic installation, and industrial component wiring should have the best job opportunities. In addition, workers with military service experience are viewed favorably during initial hiring.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


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