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This website has tutors avaliable for you! You can meet 1x1 with a tutor, hand in essay's for an essay review! 84% of students who used tutor.come had a passing grade rate!
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  • 900 free online educational videos that students can use to supplement their courses. 
  • Over a million students around the world are already using these videos to support their education. 
  • The videos are completely free to use and share - no strings, no firewall!

FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid)

  • Fill out a new FAFSA 
  • Login and review status 
  • Make corrections & add a new school


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Carine Omole
Ed. D, Director, TRIO Student Support Services

Anfa Diiriye
TRIO Student Support Services Advisor

Stacy Edland
TRIO Success Navigator
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Madison Sauke
TRIO Administrative Assistant