Advocacy Services

Mission Statement

Advocacy Services, in collaboration with Riverland and community partners, assists students in overcoming lived experiences and circumstances that can prevent academic and personal success. The support and resources offered promotes personal wellness and a healthy life/school balance, which can enable enrolled students to attain their academic and career goals in an ever-changing world.

Advocacy Services

Student's today have a broad range needs that must be meet in order to be successful academically and personally. While students are striving for many of the same things students needed in the past: connections to others, a sense of mattering, a life plan or goal, and a sense of their own identity – today’s students must accomplish this during a time of intense economic uncertainty and constant change.

Advocacy Services will collaborate with campus and community departments, agencies, and individuals to make appropriate referrals and provide information to meet student needs. Some of the support services include:

  • Referral to a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (Riverland has contracted with Independent Management Services or IMS, to provide students access to range of mental health services. Student fees are available to cover out-of-pocket expenses).
  • Crisis Management Support
  • Housing and Food Insecurity Support
  • Time Management and Academic Motivation
  • Sexual Violence Advocacy
  • Overrides to Course Registration
  • Assistance with Grade Appeals and more!

Advocacy Services also includes:

Penny Rosenthal

Penny Rosenthal, PhD
Director Advocacy Services

To make an appointment with Advocacy Services, you can book an appointment with Penny, email or call 507-433-0801.

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Britani Espe

Britani Espe
Accessibility Services & PSEO Advisor
507-433-0646 (Office)

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Advocacy Services Office Areas

  • Albert Lea – Student Services Area Room 201;
  • Austin East – Garden Level, Britani Espe Office N001
  • Owatonna – Student Services Room 111

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