Requesting transcripts

Transcripts being sent to a Minnesota State College or University do not need to be ordered from Riverland.  Please contact the school's Admissions or Registrar's Office and ask them to retrieve an etranscript for you. Click here for a list of Minnesota State Schools

Official transcripts have the Registrar's signature and are printed on security paper. Official transcripts are not issued to students. An official transcript must be mailed directly to an educational institution or an official of an organization.

Online Ordering - Riverland has authorized National Student Clearinghouse to provide its online transcript ordering service.  This service provides students with timely notices regarding their transcript request as well as order status history.

Students will need a major credit card and a valid email address.  Credit cards will be charged only after orders have been processed.  The cost is $7.50 per transcript.

Please Note:

  • Normal processing time for official transcripts is 2-3 days.
  • If you currently have outstanding financial obligations to the college, your transcript request will be not be processed.
  • Allow one week if your request is submitted towards the end of a semester.
  • Requests to hold transcripts until after grades are posted will take one week.
  • Requests to hold transcripts until after degrees are posted will go out approximately five weeks after the term.
  • Transcripts cannot be requested via email or by telephone. 
  • Transcripts will NOT be faxed. 

Unofficial Transcript - has the same information as an official transcript but are printed on white paper.  They do not have the signature of the college registrar or the school seal and there is no charge. 

Unofficial transcripts may be printed from the student’s eServices account and are generally used on campus by students and advisors.  If sending to a third party, please verify if an unofficial transcript is acceptable for submission. 

You can access your full transcript for FREE via eServices. Login to e-Services using your Star ID and Password (click in the “Display Name” box if you wish to have your name appear when printing your transcript).  Click on “Login”

*StarID passwords expire after six months. You may reset StarID password.

  1. Click on “Academic Records” then click on “Unofficial Transcripts”.
  2. Choose Chronological then click on “Get Academic Record”.  Your unofficial transcript will be displayed.
  3. To print, select the “PDF” icon. 
  4. Remember to log out of your account when finished.

Contact Records and Registration if you have any questions regarding the transcript ordering process.  507-379-3321 or

Withholding Diplomas and Transcripts

Riverland Community College reserves the right to withhold your diploma and/or transcript until all money owed to the college for tuition, fees, and equipment has been paid.