Outlook Address Book

When I open the Address Book in Outlook, it shows the "Offline Global Address List." Can I change this to search my college address book only?

A feature of the MnSCU Office 365 Tenant is a "Global" address book - email addresses for everyone in the tenant.

The default Address Book is the "Offline Global Address List"

The offline address book reduces response time delays that would be created with a live connection to the Global Address List.

To eliminate the need to filter out the addresses not associated with your college/system office, change your default address book.

1. Open Outlook on your desktop.

2. Open the Address Book.

3. In the Address Book dialog window, choose Tools > Options.

4. In the Addressing window, click the selection list for "When opening the address book..." and select the "Employees" option for your college. This will be your default address book. Examples:

  • Central Lakes College - ALL (Employees haven't been added to the tenant)
  • Hibbing CC - Employees
  • Rainy River CC - Employees
  • Saint Paul C - Employees (or ALL, as Students haven't been added to the tenant)
  • Southwest Minnesota SU - Employees
  • St. Cloud T & CC - Employees
  • Vermilion CC - Employees

5. Click OK to save your new selection.

6. Recommended: Close Outlook completely. Open Outlook and the Address Book to verify your selection is now the default.