Food Safety Manager Certification Training

The Minnesota Food Code requires that food service establishments have certified food safety staff during all hours of operation.

The Riverland Food Safety course satisfies Minnesota’s certification requirements, and is accepted by more than 95% of other state and local jurisdictions.
Certification and Recertification are valid for three (3) years.

This training will provide a certificate in food safety and sanitation management, hazards to food safety, factors that affect foodborne illness, HACCP system, facilities, equipment and utensils, cleaning and sanitizing operations, environmental sanitation and maintenance, accident prevention and crisis management, education and training, food safety regulations.

The certification course provides eight (8) hours of education in:

  • Food Safety & Sanitation Management
  • Hazards to Food Safety
  • Factors Affecting Foodborne Illness
  • Following the Food Product Flow
  • The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) System: A Safety Assurance Process
  • Facilities, Equipment & Utensils
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing Operations
  • Environmental Sanitation & Maintenance
  • Accident Prevention & Crisis Management
  • Education & Training
  • Food Safety Regulations

For textbooks and exams in languages other than English, students MUST register and make request at least ONE MONTH prior to class date.

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Peggy Young

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Peggy Young

Peggy Young has been with Riverland Community College since 1991 and joined the Riverland Customized Training and Education team in 2008.  Her focus is on Industrial Safety, Manufacturing, Leadership, Trade & Industry, and providing Strengths-based training as a StrengthsQuest Educator. Peggy is also the Department of Labor – MnAMP grant manager and MJSP grant coordinator for Riverland Community College.  Peggy works with individuals and business clients to provide solutions through customized training with a focus on curriculum enhancement and extended learning initiatives.

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