Fire & Rescue Training

Riverland Fire Training’s team of professional firefighting instructors can assist you and your department in learning the latest firefighting techniques and offers a wide range of courses in Fire and Rescue Training tailored to your department needs.

Fire and Rescue Training Programs

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Fire Services Certificate

The Fire Services Certificate will prepare the student to perform basic firefighter functions. Students learn firefighter techniques and hazardous materials functions.

Firefighter I & II Classes

Classes are held at Fire Departments in the Southeastern Minnesota area.  Our 1001 firefighting class is a non-certification, hour-based course that will train you to a level II fire fighter.  It consists of Firefighter I, Hazmat Operations and Firefighter II courses equaling 144 hours for all 3 courses.

Hazmat Operations

This course provides the student with the basic skills necessary to safely and effectively manage the on-scene operations involving the uncontrolled release of dangerous chemicals.

MN State Fire/EMS/Rescue School

Firefighters from across the state gather together to hone their skills in both a classroom setting and in hands-on training.

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Mobile Training Units

Training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to operate at all levels of the fire service. Much of the hands-on training is done as a simulation of real-life scenarios. Classes can be customized to be delivered at hosting fire stations, online, or at the Riverland Fire/EMS Center in Austin.

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Fire and EMS Training Classes

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