Mobile Training Units

Training the way you need it

Training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to operate at all levels of the fire service. Much of the hands-on training is done as a simulation of real-life scenarios. Classes can be customized to be delivered at hosting fire stations, online, or at the Riverland Fire/EMS Center in Austin.

SCBA Training Trailer

Training Involves: 

  • Search & Rescue Techniques
  • Mayday Situations
  • Rope Searches, *Orientated Person
  • Rapid Intervention Training
  • Pittsburg Drill—Over,Under, Through

Training Enhances:

  • Upper Level Confidence Building
  • Lower Level Search and Rescue Skills
  • Team Work Skills
  • SCBA Experience
  • Accountability


Ventilation Trailer

Training Involves: 

  • Ventilate 6—12 pitched roof

  • Working from a roof ladder

  • Using a ventilation saw to cut a large opening

  • Practice breaking away ceiling below

  • Teamwork and equipment safety stressed

    Your department is required to furnish 1/2 inch plywood and 1/2 inch sheet rock


Training Prop is self contained.
All equipment is furnished.
Training done in actual grain bin!

Grain Bin Trailer

Training Involves: 

  • Safety concerns stressed

  • Equipment needed

  • Use of Grain Bin Rescue Tube

  • Use of ropes & harness

  • Atmospheric testing

  • Rescue of buried victims

  • Discussing breaching bin walls


LP Emergencies Training

Training Involves: 

  • Live LP Burn including LP Tree and Tank

  • Discuss the need to attack this type of fire or not, safety stressed

  • Teamwork, communication

Survival Trailer

Classroom & Hands-on Training Include:

  • Self & Team Rescue Techniques
  • Stairway Lift & Carries
  • Head First Out the Window
  • Rescue Through the Floor Exercises
  • Denver Window Drill
  • Rope Slide


Lifting Cribbing   Lowering Table   Hydraulic Tool Jenga

Practice your skills:

  • Hydraulic tools
  • High pressure airbags
  • Cribbing techniques
  • Teamwork & communication


Live Burning Training Trailer

Training Involves: 

  • Teamwork
  • Fire Attack
  • Suppression
  • Incident Command
  • Ventilation


Forcible Entry Training

Training Involves: 

  • Simulate cutting security bars on doors and windows
    • Learn proper body ergonomics when using the K-12 in different positions to lessen fatigue and risk of injury
  • Cut, strike and break keyed or combination locks
  • Use your “K” tool to pull commercial rim style lock
  • Use your "R" tool to pull our commercial/residential dead bolt style lock
  • Manipulate dead bolt latch mechanisms after the lock have been pulled
  • Simulate cutting and pulling hinges and flat plates
  • Simulate plunge cutting steel commercial doors with a K-12 saw that utilize panic bar hardware.
  • Practice inward & outward breach



Wanda McCoy

Wanda McCoy has been with Riverland Community College since 1999 and joined the Riverland Customized Training and Education team in 2002.  Her focus is on Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, CPR & First Aid training and providing job/occupational analysis as a Level 3 DACUM Facilitator.  Wanda is also the Minnesota State Chapter Coordinator for International Trauma Life Support and American Heart Association Affiliate Faculty.

Fire/EMS Training & Education Customized Training Representative