Mobile Training Units

Training the way you need it

Training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to operate at all levels of the fire service. Much of the hands-on training is done as a simulation of real-life scenarios. Classes can be customized to be delivered at hosting fire stations, online, or at the Riverland Fire/EMS Center in Austin.

SCBA Training Trailer

Training Involves: 

  • Search & Rescue Techniques
  • Mayday Situations
  • Rope Searches, *Orientated Person
  • Rapid Intervention Training
  • Pittsburg Drill—Over,Under, Through

Training Enhances:

  • Upper Level Confidence Building
  • Lower Level Search and Rescue Skills
  • Team Work Skills
  • SCBA Experience
  • Accountability


Ventilation Trailer

Training Involves: 

  • Ventilate 6—12 pitched roof

  • Working from a roof ladder

  • Using a ventilation saw to cut a large opening

  • Practice breaking away ceiling below

  • Teamwork and equipment safety stressed

    Your department is required to furnish 1/2 inch plywood and 1/2 inch sheet rock


Training Prop is self contained.
All equipment is furnished.
Training done in actual grain bin!

Grain Bin Trailer

Training Involves: 

  • Safety concerns stressed

  • Equipment needed

  • Use of Grain Bin Rescue Tube

  • Use of ropes & harness

  • Atmospheric testing

  • Rescue of buried victims

  • Discussing breaching bin walls


LP Emergencies Training

Training Involves: 

  • Live LP Burn including LP Tree and Tank

  • Discuss the need to attack this type of fire or not, safety stressed

  • Teamwork, communication

Survival Trailer

Classroom & Hands-on Training Include:

  • Self & Team Rescue Techniques
  • Stairway Lift & Carries
  • Head First Out the Window
  • Rescue Through the Floor Exercises
  • Denver Window Drill
  • Rope Slide


Lifting Cribbing   Lowering Table   Hydraulic Tool Jenga

Practice your skills:

  • Hydraulic tools
  • High pressure airbags
  • Cribbing techniques
  • Teamwork & communication


Live Burning Training Trailer

Training Involves: 

  • Teamwork
  • Fire Attack
  • Suppression
  • Incident Command
  • Ventilation


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