Karem Salas Ramirez


What was your program of study at Riverland?  When did you attend?

I attended Riverland Community College from 2011-2013 and graduated with my Liberal Arts degree. I also completed the Be Your Best Summer Academy program in 2010, giving me the excitement and devotion to attend Riverland after graduation.

What is your career/job now?

Currently, I work at United Way of Mower County as their Community Impact Coordinator.

How did the program help you prepare for the career you are in now?

Studying Liberal Arts at Riverland Community College helped me to earn a well-rounded education. Having been able to take a wide range of subjects and courses, I was able to acquire critical, analytical, and creative skills that are vital in today's workplace.

What were some of the positive outcomes of attending Riverland?

While I was at Riverland, I was able to fully immerse myself in the activities and clubs provided by the college. Those experiences and relationships guided me to improve many of the skills I use today, such as networking, team building and self-confidence. At the same time, being able to serve my peers led me to a passion of serving my community as a whole.

What would you tell others who may be considering Riverland for their education?

Riverland will welcome you with open hands! The staff and educators are ready to provide you with a lifelong education and help you achieve your goals!  Also, get involved on campus! Have fun meeting new people and participating in the events

Was there a faculty and staff person who made an impact on you while you were at Riverland?

To this day, I still connect one on one with many Riverland staff and faculty which is bitter-sweet. It is hard to pick one individual when so many people made a big impression on my life and helped me along the way. I am grateful for the chance I had to meet so many great people who simply inspired, encouraged, and strengthened me when I was at Riverland Community College.