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Sociology Transfer Pathway

The Sociology Transfer Pathway AA is a plan for students who want to get a head start on their college journey. It lets you earn an Associate in Arts degree, which is a two-year college degree, and all the classes you take can count towards a four-year Sociology degree at any of the seven big universities in Minnesota.

This program is set up in a way that makes sure everything you study in the first two years fits perfectly with what you'll need to know for the next two years. So, when you move from your two-year college to a university, you won't have to start all over. Instead, you'll jump right into your third year of college, which is pretty awesome because it saves you time and makes sure all the hard work you've already done counts towards your big goal of getting a Bachelor's degree in Sociology or a similar subject.

With a Bachelor's degree in Sociology or a similar area, you can dive into lots of different jobs, depending on what you like to do and if you learn some extra skills or take more classes after college. Here's a list of cool jobs you could get:

  • Helping People and Communities: You could work in jobs where you help people with their problems, like being a social worker, or help whole communities get better at things like health or education.
  • Teaching: If you like sharing what you know, you could become a teacher in subjects like social studies or history. Some jobs might need you to take a few more classes to be allowed to teach.
  • Working with Companies: In human resources, you'd help hire people, make sure everyone's treated fairly, and organize training so everyone can do their best at work.
  • Figuring Out What People Like: In market research, you'd look at data and trends to guess what people might buy or be interested in.
  • Making Rules Better: You could work on policies or laws that help solve big problems in society, maybe for the government or groups that want to make a difference.
  • Helping with Tough Problems: With some more school, you could give advice and support to people dealing with hard times or feeling really down.
  • Keeping Communities Safe: You could work in law enforcement or help people who are trying to get back on track after making mistakes.
  • Working for a Good Cause: There are lots of jobs in organizations that try to make the world a better place, like fighting hunger or helping people in need.
  • Telling Stories: Understanding people and society can also be great for jobs in writing, reporting, or creating content that talks about important issues or interesting stories.
  • Planning Cities: With some extra learning, you could help design cities and neighborhoods to be better places to live.

Your career could take many paths, and it all depends on what you're passionate about. Some jobs might need you to learn a bit more after your degree, but there are so many possibilities with a background in sociology!

Last Updated: February 11, 2022

    Quick Facts
  • Associate of Applied Science
  • 60 Credits | 4 Semesters
  • Location: 100% Online
  • Offering: Fall, Spring, Summer

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