Pre-Professional Heath Emphasis - Riverland

Pre-Professional Health Emphasis

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This degree allows students to earn an A.A. degree that fulfills all the Minnesota State transfer curriculum requirements while at the same time preparing them to pursue a post-graduate degree in any of the following fields:
- Chiropractic
- Dentistry
- Medicine
- Optometry
- Pharmacy
- Podiatry
- Physical Therapy
- Veterinary Medicine

All of these areas of study require a solid foundation in the core sciences. Students will take 31-32 credits of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics at Riverland Community College and will take additional chemistry and biology classes after transferring to a four-year institution. Students usually earn a baccalaureate degree before entering their professional program, but it is not always a requirement.

Students are encouraged to check the specific requirements and recommendations of the professional schools they are interested in, as they vary from school to school. For example, most programs require a semester of calculus, but some require two semesters of calculus, while in other cases pre-calculus may be sufficient. Students should check requirements for baccalaureate degrees in which they are interested.

Last Updated: April 26, 2022

    Quick Facts
  • Associate of Arts
  • 60 Credits | 4 Semesters
  • Location: Austin
  • Offering: Fall/Spring/Summer

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