Program and Graduate Outcomes for Cyber Security at Riverland Community College - Riverland

Cyber Security

Program Graduate Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, the graduate will:

  • Command the knowledge and skills necessary to begin a successful career in Network Security.
  • Understand network protocols, concepts, terminology, and standards.
  • Install and configure; computers, servers, routers, switches, access points, bridges, firewalls, and security appliances.
  • Possess an in-depth, theoretical understanding of network security principles and technologies.
  • Identify business security requirements using risk assessment methods.
  • Develop comprehensive security policies that enforce security requirements and mitigate security threats.
  • Understand security awareness implications in creating the culture and climate necessary for an effective security policy.
  • Install, configure, troubleshoot, and monitor network devices to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and devices.
  • Possess an in-depth, theoretical understanding of computer forensics principles, technologies, methods, and procedures.
  • Implement virtual technologies to reduce costs, implement high availability, enhance security, and test network security concepts.
  • Communicate effectively using verbal and written skills, online collaboration systems, social media, and presentation software.