Cost of Attending Riverland

Riverland aims to provide clear and easily understood information about the cost to attend Riverland.  Estimated college costs include direct expenses (paid to Riverland) such as tuition, fees, books, supplies and materials. Indirect costs include items such as housing, food, personal expenses, and transportation. Use the information below and also on our net price calculatorto determine costs to attend Riverland.

The estimated costs of attendance listed below are based on students attending full time (15 credits each semester).

2023-2024 Estimated Cost of Attendance (9-month school year)

Tuition and Fees


Books, Supplies and Materials


Housing and Food


Personal Expenses




Estimated Cost of Attendance



This does not mean that every student must have $24,906 in order to attend Riverland. Tuition and fee rates for full time (15 credits) students will be approximately $6,854 for the year.

The food and housing costs are average costs for students. Housing and Food costs can vary. For budgeting purposes the Financial Aid Office will base a student’s housing and meal costs on $9,452. This applies to all students regardless of their living arrangements. The Personal Expenses include estimated costs for personal/health care, clothing, laundry, and an average cost of Federal student loan origination fees.