How do I use my financial aid to pay for my books?

Riverland students are allowed to charge up to $800*, to their Riverland account, each term at the Riverland Bookstore for required books and certain supplies.  The charging period opens two weeks to the start of the term and closes the first Friday of the term.

When Riverland receives your financial funds from the US Department of Education, State of Minnesota, or other source, we apply those funds to the charges on your account.  This, in effect, pays for your books.

Books for late start classes should be purchased during the charging period.  If the book is not purchased at this time and you want to charge the purchase to your Riverland account, you will need to have a representative from the Financial Aid Department review your aid for eligible funds first.

The details of each course includes the required textbooks and supplies for the course. The cost of the book is included in these details.

*Some students may have scholarships, grants or vouchers from other sources that allows them to charge more than the standard $800 amount.