Changes that may affect your aid.

Financial Aid Awards are based on your level of enrollment at the end of the 10th class day of the semester. At Riverland, the Drop/Add period is typically the 5th day of the semester (Summer semester only has a 3 day Add period). There are some classes, such as Nursing Assistant, that have a different Drop/Add policy.

Any classes added after the 10th day of the semester will not be eligible to be included in a student’s enrollment level when determining eligibility for Pell and State grant funding. Any classes dropped/withdrawn during the same period also will not be included in determining a student’s eligibility and the student will not be responsible for tuition and fee charges for the dropped class. Any late-start courses dropped after financial aid has been received will result in an adjustment to the student’s award and may result in a balance owed to the college.

After the Drop/Add period is over, if a student decides not to continue with a class, the student has the option to withdraw through their e-Services account or by stopping in to one of the campuses and speaking to an Academic Advisor. The student is still responsible for payment of tuition and fees for the class. If the student has been attending that class up until the withdrawal date, it will not affect the financial aid package. If the student has never attended the class, the Financial Aid package will be adjusted. This information is reported to the financial aid office by faculty.

Financial aid recipients, who withdraw or cease attending all of their classes prior to completing 60% of the term (including classes with a grade of "FN" for non-attendance) are subject to the federal rules for the Return of Title IV funds for federal aid and the refund calculation for Minnesota State grant programs and SELF loans. The financial aid office will calculate how much aid was "earned" by the student based on the number of days of attendance. Any amount of financial aid that the student has already received over the calculated amount earned, will be required to be repaid by the student. Until this amount has been received, the student will not be eligible to receive financial aid, to register for classes, or to receive a transcript from Riverland Community College.

For more information on "Total Withdrawals", please visit an Academic Advisor or Refund Policy .