Program Services

Individualized Guidance:
One-on-one assistance to help students make a smooth transition to college, develop goals, and create an academic action plan.
Students have access to weekly tutoring appointments, and assistance with reading and writing and challenging courses.
Academic Coaching:
The academic advisor expands services by assisting in navigating higher education systems and translating some of the lingo! 
Students may attend informational sessions to learn valuable academic and other life skills such as:  time management, note taking, independent living, money management, tax preparation, and resume writing.
Financial Coaching:
Students receive assistance in applying for financial aid (FAFSA) and learn about finances, including creating a budget, managing credit and debt, and how to understand personal finances.
Career and Academic Guidance:
Students benefit from academic mentoring, including career and educational planning.
Campus Connections:
A place to feel connected with others and the Riverland community. All Student Support Services are FREE to students.

Contact Information

Stacy Edland
TRIO Success Navigator
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Eliza Kelly
TRIO Academic Advisor
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Heather Harms

Courtney Hegland
Administrative Assistant