Learning Styles

What is Learning?

There are some basic principles that govern learning:

  • Students cannot recall and apply knowledge unless they practice retrieval and use.
  • More effective learning occurs when students vary the conditions for learning to occur.
  • When learners integrate knowledge from both verbal and visual representations, they can recall it and apply it with greater ease.
  • Prior knowledge or belief determines what students will learn.
  • Remembering is a creative process that influences what learners will and will not be able to recall and apply.
  • In learning, less is more. Trying to cover large amounts of material and information reduces understanding and recall.

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Learning Style Quizzes and Assessments

While there are a lot of Learning Style quizzes and assessments out there, Riverland tutors and the Student Success Center Staff use the VARKS Learning Style Assessments with their students. Knowing your learning style can help you study better and make learning new ideas easier!

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