Art Gallery

The James Wegner Art Gallery provides an educational experience to students and the community by featuring exhibitions from regional, national, and international artists working in a variety of media.  

The gallery is located in the Austin East building just to the left of the Frank W. Bridges Theatre lobby. Gallery hours vary each semester. Please call 507-433-0600 for current information.


Inside : Out

Show Run: Nov 14 - Dec 30
Gallery Hours: 10 am - 6 pm Monday-Friday
Zoom Artist Talk: Thur, Dec 1, 7pm 
Zoom Information:
Meeting ID: 945 9485 0054
Passcode: 394414

Inside : Out features a group of artists exhibiting work connected to landscape and place. The artist Teresita Fernández has written that she wants, “ offer the idea that landscape is not a fixed vista in front of our eyes, but instead an ever-changing portrait of people in plant the seed that landscape is sometimes more about what you don’t see than what is shown in the picture.” With this in mind, artists Karen Kopacz, Michael McCaffrey, Leslie Monagle, Polonia Odahara Novack, Dean Trisko and Marsha Tuchscherer share work that explores and questions how we live on, with and coexist within spaces.

Inside Out

Domonique Venzant

Domonique Venzant

Art Instructor