Series 2: Student

Specifically relating to students (i.e.., admission process, assessment, disability support, etc.)

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College # Policy Title System # Procedure
  Admission Appeal    
2.21 Children on Campus    
2.20 Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Minnesota Data Practices Act (MDPA)    
  Financial Aid Repayment & Federal Refund Policy    
2.22 Grading Policy   Incomplete Grading Procedure
  Incoming Student Assessment    
2.24 Maximum Credit Load    
  Off-Campus Activities and Field Trip Request    
2.1B.4 On Campus Presence of Therapy and Service Animals    
  Regulations on Activities, Registered Organizations and Use of Properties    
2.2 Residency 2.2  
2.9, 2.9.1 Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy 2.9  
  Student Car Use   Vehicle Fleet Safety Program
  Student Complaint and Grievance   Complaint Form
2.27 Student Petition Process    
  Tuition Payment and Refund