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Jonathan Rymer

Jonathan Rymer

Jonathan Rymer

About Jonathan

I strive to develop a noteworthy program. I work to have drivers recognized as professionals in the industry and hope to have more people learn what a great career truck driving can offer. My goal is to improve highway safety one driver at a time. The best part of my job is hearing from the students the difference this career choice has made in their lives. Each day it is important for me to help students reach their fullest potential and support their interest in this career. There is a wide variety of students who participate in our program and the best part is seeing the same passion and excitement that I have for the industry, coming from them as well as seeing the amazing progress and growth that several students make during their 3 months of training.

Phone: 507-433-0608
E-mail: Jonathan.Rymer@riverland.edu
Department: Truck Driving
Job Title: Faculty

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Transportation industry challenges and solutions

  • FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations

Professional Associations

  • Minnesota Trucking Association

  • Next Generation in Trucking Association

  • National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools

  • Women in Trucking

Volunteer and Community Service Activities

  • Riverland Nitro-X Summer Camp Coordinator 2021

  • Experience Trucking Events

  • Regional High School Truck Tour

Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding New Educator of the Year 2020

  • Presidential Gumption Award 2019

More about Jonathan Rymer

  • Moved to Austin, MN in 2011

  • Interest in RC cars

  • Enjoys fishing

  • Prefers creeks, streams and waterfalls

  • Likes to play tennis

  • Car collector/enthusiast

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