MediaSpace is a cloud-based program provided by the Minnesota State system office. It is a streaming media server, which allow you to upload all types of media--video, audio, and image files--which you can then insert into your online courses for use by students. Students also have access to MediaSpace, so they can use it for creating and submitting media-based assignments for their classes.


Add New menuLogin to MediaSpace using your StarID. Once inside, use the Add New dropdown menu to either upload your existing files (Media Upload) or create a new recording (Kaltura Capture).

Note: If you are used to using CaptureSpace Lite for recording, it will continue to be an available option until June 2019. However, due to the newly available features, we recommend that you switch to using Kaltura Capture. 

If you have not installed or used Kaltura Capture previously, you will be directed to a download page. Download the version appropriate for your operating system, either Windows or OS X. Launch the downloaded file to install Kaltura Capture to your computer. Once installed, use the Add New dropdown menu in MediaSpace to launch Kaltura Capture, which will then appear on your computer screen as a floating toolbar:

Kaltura Capture

Use your mouse to hover over the icons or dropdown arrows to see what each does. Below is an expanded view. Use the desktop and camera icons and their dropdown arrows to select and preview your video recording sources. Use the microphone icon dropdown arrow to select your audio source. Kaltura Capture can record two video sources simultaneously, and allow the user to select the layout and view of each during playback. Press the red button on the left to start recording.

CaptureSpace Lite menu

During recording, controls will appear in the lower right corner of your computer screen showing the elapsed time of the recording, and controls to stop, pause, or cancel the recording.

Kaltura Capture recording control

Once you have finished and stopped your recording, Kaltura Capture will bring you to a screen where you can give the recoding a Title, Description, and Tags to help you find the video in your MediaSpace library. Click Save & Upload to have the video added to your MediaSpace library. A progress bar will display as the video uploads.

Kaltura Capture recording info

Once the video has been uploaded to MediaSpace, you can click on the library link to access, or the Delete link to delete the video from your computer. The video will still be retained in MediaSpace.

Login to MediaSpace using your StarID