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Riverland proposes the next step in advancing George Hormel's vision: a partnership with The Hormel Foundation to build the Center for Agricultural and Food Science Technology

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Riverland's vision is to create a global center of excellence for agriculture and technology in Austin, Minnesota that benefits Southeastern Minnesota and the world.

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Our strategy is help create a Demonstration and educational farm, Entrepreneurial enterprise and innovative applied research that inspires change for future generations and Educational classrooms and labs.

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We strive to develop long-lasting and fruitful relationships with our industry partners. Crafting and developing a unique destination for cultivating conversations centered around agriculture and food science technology is at the heart of our work.

What our students are saying

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Why did you choose Riverland Community College?

  • It is close to home and the professors want to help you succeed.
  • Because it has a smaller campus than the other colleges I looked at.
  • It was close to home and cost friendly.
  • It offers an agricultural education in southeast Minnesota.
  • It was affordable and had what I was looking for to start my Ag career.
  • I chose Riverland because I became convinced that is an excellent place to begin my postsecondary education. You can't beat the price either.
  • Convenient, well-known program

What do you enjoy the most about attending Riverland Community College?

  • There are other agricultural students that also understand the struggles of farming in the fall.
  • It is a nice small campus and there are a lot of nice people.
  • I enjoy being an officer in the Ag Club.
  • The faculty and staff are amazing. They take the time to get to know the students and provide the best possible education.
  • My favorite thing about my attendance is the network of people willing to assist me in my academic goals.
  • Most of my generals are online, so less traveling.
  • I enjoy the free exchange of ideas and positive learning environment, class types, and working relationships fostered with the local agricultural community.
  • Riverland promotes a good atmosphere. It is also a multicultural college when I can feel myself at home.
  • The one on one interactions you receive from teachers.
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Agricultural and Food Science Technology Programs

As a Riverland Community College Agricultural and Food Sciences student, you will learn how to feed the world. Our programs fully integrate the concepts of crops, animals, weeds, precision agriculture, sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, and plant breeding and genetics.

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Riverland Community College Farm Business Management Programs

This personalized program is designed to help working farmers improve business operations. Learning more about agriculture and applying it directly to the farm is the best way to maintain a competitive edge. Riverland's highly-qualified, licensed instructors provide practical training in; accounting, budgeting, finance, tax management, business analysis, and marketing plus helping chart business trends.


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There are more than 500+ sponsored scholarships available through the Riverland Community College Foundation

Scholarships that may help you achieve your educational goals. Scholarships are sponsored by friends of the College including staff, faculty, corporations, community organizations and individuals.

Funding for scholarships is given to help students reach their educational goals.

A scholarship can help pay for tuition and fees and does not need to be paid back. Each scholarship is awarded based upon various criteria such as program of study, geographic location, minimum GPA, etc.

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Working With Community

Mower County Progressive Agriculture Safety Day

Agriculture Safety Day is a one-day event for young children in grades 3-6. This program provides students the opportunity to learn more about household and farm safety from local professionals.

Ag and Food Science Technology Club

The Ag Club is an official Minnesota FFA Alumni organization and a National Postsecondary Agricultural Student (PAS) Organization.

Sustainable Answer Acre Research Farm

Located near Lansing, Minnesota - 15 miles from Riverland Austin West campus. Our intended goal is to test commonly used agricultural practices that which area farmers employ while also testing futuristic and proactive agronomic practices.

Be Your Best Students
Be Your Best Summer Prep Academy

This free program for teens and young adults between the ages of 16 and 22. Students have the opportunity to prepare for college by taking pre-college Math, Reading, and Writing.

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Agricultural & Food Science Exploration Day

The Ag & Food Science Exploration Day is a one-day event for local University of Minnesota 4-H Extension students. The event is a joint collaboration between Riverland Community College and Mower County 4-H Extension and is offered for all Mower County students and other area 4-H students.

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Agricultural Science Internships

Riverland Community College Agricultural Science programs provide internship opportunities during their education. Internships opportunties with local cooperatives, equipment dealerships, animal livestock facilities, grain marketing companies, seed/chemical/fertilizer retail outlets, and local/state/federal government agencies.

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Austin Area FFA

The Austin Area FFA Alumni works to connect adult leaders, community experts, academic and industry professionals, and other alumni of FFA towards supporting the agricultural and food science technology programming in the Austin and Mower County areas.

Contact Information

Dani Heiny
Dani Heiny
Chief Diversity Officer and Director of Special Projects
Nick Schiltz
Nick Schiltz
Ag Instructor
Mel Morem
Kim Nelson
Interim Dean of Academic Affairs; Agriculture, Transportation, Trades
Okey Ukaga
Okechukwu Ukaga
Dean of Food & Agriculture