Trade and Industry

Riverland offers industry-experienced, full-time faculty dedicated to providing training at your facility or at one of our three campus locations. Our staff of professionals is dedicated to providing quality, up-to-date instruction for today's fast-paced workforce and productivity requirements. Our programs are customizable to meet the specific needs and requirements of your industry.

Trade and Industry Programs

Forklift/Truck Operator Training

This course is designed to provide you with the technical skills needed to safely operate forklift equipment and utilize safe driving procedures. OSHA's 1910.178 states that employees must be trained prior to operating powered industrial trucks. Successful completion of this training will give you the operator's license and the driving skills to be a forklift operator. 

Maintenance Technician Evening Courses

The Industrial Maintenance Program is offering evening courses that you can take just one course to improve your specific skills or a series of courses to complete a Certificate or Diploma. IMMR Welding Courses are also available on an evening schedule.

Master-Journeyman Exam Prep/16 CEU

Riverland Training and Development is offering a test prep class for those preparing for their electrical license test.

Power Limited Technician - Electrical

The Power Limited Technicians are now required to have 16 hours of continuing education every two years.
When the two days are completed together, the 16 hour requirement will be met. These courses are approved by the MN State Electrical Licensing Board. Please check with your Electrical Licensing Board for your continuing education requirements.

Steam Engineering

This class is a 30-hour RCC course providing an intro to the operation of boilers. Major topics include boiler functions, operations, safety, controls, hot water systems, steam systems, and the identification of boiler fittings. The primary focus of the class will be to prepare each student to pass the Minnesota Special Engineer's license exam. MN Statue 183.501 states that to operate any boiler the operator must receive a license of grade covering that boiler.

underground storage tank
Underground Storage Tank Training

This course, developed by Riverland Community College in cooperation with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency,is intended to train and certify individuals to install, remove, or repair underground storage tanks in Minnesota, and is required by MN State Law

Welding - 30 hours

Riverland presents a welding class to provide an understanding of blueprints, safety, various types of equipment and to provide an opportunity to receive a certification in a specific type of weld. Included is hands on welding to gain specific competencies.

Welding - 40 hours

The student will gain knowledge in blueprints, safety, various types of equipment and will receive the opportunity to earn a certification in a specific type of weld. Hands on welding is also included.

Welding - 60 hours

This class will provide an understanding of blueprints, safety, various types of equipment and provides an opportunity to receive a certification in a specific type of weld. 

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