Supply Chain Management

Driving Growth with your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Relationships is on the radar for C-Level executives as both a competitive threat and opportunity.  Do you have a strategy for your supply chain?  Is it aligned?  Do you know and understand the decisions and tradeoffs you have to make?  If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to attend this program.  Upon completion of this program, you will not only understand the above, you will have a completed plan created for your own supply chain. 

This course uses The Fresh Connection, a Web-based business simulation tool.  No course offerings at this time.

Cost:  $1,675 per person  

  1. Supply Chain Design and Alignment
  2. Supply Chain Strategy
  3. Reliability Decisions
  4. Batches and Frequency Decisions
  5. Speed and Quality Decisions
  6. Sales & Operations Planning Decisions
  7. External Collaboration Decisions
  8. Carbon Footprint & Sustainability Decisions
  9. Measurement Decisions
  10. Supply Chain Risk Decisions I
  11. Supply Chain Risk Decisions II
  12. Supply Chain Risk Decisions III

All classes 4 hrs. and must be taken in sequence

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