StrengthsFinder™ is the world’s leading assess-ment in strengths-based understanding. In a culture that has focused on developing or fixing our weaknesses, the StrengthsFinder™ invites people to begin focusing on what is right, and strong, about people. When employees focus on strengths, they are 6 times more likely to be engaged in their work. By encouraging employees to apply their strengths at work, employers are increasing pro-ductivity, communication, creativity and efficiency while reducing turn-over and employee discontent. StrengthsFinder™ will help your team:

  • Understand your strengths and those of others
  • Increase effective communication with those possessing strengths that differ from yours
  • Improve communication within and between departments
  • Enhance team experiences
  • Use your own strengths to maximize productivity at work and home
  • Impact your organization’s bottom line
Peggy Young

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Peggy Young

Peggy Young has been with Riverland Community College since 1991 and joined the Riverland Customized Training and Education team in 2008.  Her focus is on Industrial Safety, Manufacturing, Leadership, Trade & Industry, and providing Strengths-based training as a StrengthsQuest Educator. Peggy is also the Department of Labor – MnAMP grant manager and MJSP grant coordinator for Riverland Community College.  Peggy works with individuals and business clients to provide solutions through customized training with a focus on curriculum enhancement and extended learning initiatives.

Contact Peggy Young at 507-433-0602 or for more information about programs, courses, and services.