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Riverland Community College is an AchieveNET partner. AchieveNet is Achieve Global’s education partner network.

In the 21st century, the level of human skills will determine organization success. AchieveGlobal provides development in interpersonal business skills, giving companies the workforce they need for business results.
We understand the competition you face. Your success depends on people who have the skills to handle the challenges beyond the reach of technology. Achieve Global is expert in developing these skills, and it’s these skills that turn your strategies into business success in the 21st century.

These are things technology cannot do:

  • Think
  • Learn
  • Solve Problems
  • Listen
  • Motivate
  • Explain

People with these skills have a bright future in the 21st century. Riverland Community College can prepare you and your workforce for that world. As an AchieveNET partner, we are better able to serve the training and development needs of our business, industry, and government customers through access to AchieveGlobal’s time-tested, research-based training programs.

Achieve Global workshops always begin with the Building Trust Under Pressure: The Basic Principles™. This foundational workshop teaches partic-ipants how to Use the Basic Principles to address problems and take positive action in challenging situations. It is a good starting point in developing your 21st Century workforce.

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