The face of healthcare continues to change as baby boomers near retirement age. This generation is said to have additional medical needs compared to previous generations. They are also more apt to seek out alternative living solutions from those of our parents or grandparents. Some may choose to stay in their home and pay for home healthcare, others will choose assisted living, or independent living in a senior living community. Some will require services of a long-term skilled nursing community.

With an increased number of seniors and an expanding array of living accommodations, the demand for healthcare workers is increasing at an exponential rate. BY 2020, an estimated 5.6 million healthcare jobs will be created just to accommodate seniors’ increasing healthcare needs.

Riverland Community College wants to ensure that our region is equipped with a skilled healthcare workforce to meet the needs of this aging population. Whether you are an employer concerned about filling the pipeline of competent healthcare workers, a person aspiring to a career in healthcare, or a healthcare provider looking to renew certifications, Riverland Community College can help with your healthcare training needs.

We offer training and education in a variety of delivery methods; on-site, on-ground, or online. We can also customize training to meet your organization’s needs and can work with you to provide continuing education units and contact hours in healthcare.