Martin County

What: A leadership program designed to enable candidates to learn about Martin County resources, values, strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. A learning experience geared toward providing an in-depth look at eight key elements of our community; education, economic development, government, healthcare, public safety, quality of life, agriculture, and culture & diversity. This program will provide opportunities for candidates to exchange ideas, build networks and begin the process of identifying and solving important community issues.

Who: A pool of candidates who are current or prospective leaders in the Martin County community. Candidates are drawn from business, industry, education, public and private agencies, civic groups, non-profit and virtually all other facets of the professional community. Class size will be limited.

Program Development: A Martin County Chamberdesignated “Leadership Advisory Committee” oversees the development of the LEADERSHIP Program. Riverland Community College and the Chamber will assist with individual seminar curriculum development in cooperation with designated day-leaders.

Where: This localized program was designed by the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Riverland Community College and its Training and Development Division. All sessions are facilitated locally and focus on topics directly affecting our community. Seminars are held at a different location each session.

Why: To develop candidate knowledge and understanding of our community…its assets, complexities and potential. To provide an opportunity for participants to meet and exchange ideas with each other and current community leaders. To develop leadership skills through classroom instruction, interactive exercises and small group discussion.


The knowledge a person gains from this experience is incredible and it’s difficult to find the rights words to express the magnitude of wisdom a person walks away with when the short 9 month course is complete.”

How: A series of topical seminars held over a nine month period and conducted by local and regional professionals. Area leaders volunteer their time to raise awareness to the assets and opportunities of our community by providing an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at eight key elements of our community. Peggy Young, Business Consultant with Riverland Community College’s Training and Development Department will nurture leadership development by leading discussions that integrate community information through dialogue, interactive exercise and small group discussion.

Cost: $650 - Tuition is payable at the time a participant is accepted to candidacy. Scholarship opportunities are available.

When: Monthly sessions run September - May on the first Wednesday of each month.

LEADERSHIP requires a serious commitment of time and energy. Candidates meet the FIRST WEDNESDAY, a full day each month. Attendance at the work sessions and all day program meetings is imperative. Class participants are expected to attend all sessions with the exception of an extreme emergency or illness.

Peggy Young

Connect with our Representative

Peggy Young

Peggy Young has been with Riverland Community College since 1991 and joined the Riverland Customized Training and Education team in 2008.  Her focus is on Industrial Safety, Manufacturing, Leadership, Trade & Industry, and providing Strengths-based training as a StrengthsQuest Educator. Peggy is also the Department of Labor – MnAMP grant manager and MJSP grant coordinator for Riverland Community College.  Peggy works with individuals and business clients to provide solutions through customized training with a focus on curriculum enhancement and extended learning initiatives.

Contact Peggy Young at 507-433-0602 or for more information about programs, courses, and services.