Veterans Student Responsibilities

Program of study

VA will only pay for courses required for your program of study.  Courses will be tracked, and only required courses will be certified.


You must contact the VA Certifying Official each term that you wish to receive benefits (you will not automatically be certified)

Changing your schedule

Notify the VA Certifying Official immediately if you adjust your schedule.  Drop, add or withdraw.   When you reduce the number of credits you are enrolled in, the VA will adjust your benefits and pay you at a lower rate.

Changing your major

You will need to submit a copy to the Registrar’s Office the appropriate VA form each time you change your major.

Monthly verification of your enrollment

In order to receive payment, you much verify your enrollment at the end of each month.  Verification can be processed one of two ways:

Course Repeat

You can not be paid for a course in which you previously received a passing grade (D or better) unless a higher grade is required for your major or pre-requisite for another course needed for your major.

"Short term" courses

Benefits for courses that do not meet for the entire term, will be paid for only the days that the class meets.  

Your VA Certifying Official