Visiting Student

I am currently enrolled at another college/university and wish to take up to 16 credits at Riverland to transfer back to my home institution. Or I wish to take a class at Riverland without receiving financial aid. 

  1. Determine which class(es) you wish to take at Riverland by searching our Course Schedule

    • Click on the title of any course to get all of the important details for that section.

    • It is the student’s responsibility to verify with the receiving college/institution that the course the student is registering for at Riverland will satisfy the intended course requirement at the receiving college/institution.

    • Course title does not determine equivalency – course content does.

    • To determine course equivalency, either contact the receiving college/institution or log into Transferology to see if the receiving college/institution is listed.

  2. Create a StarId, if you do not already have one

  3. Attempt to register for the class(es) you wish to take -

    • If you get a restricts registration/cohort error message, log into e-services and click on the title of the course for the section you want and read the Notes to see why you are getting this error. You may need to choose a different section.

    • If you get a prerequisite error message – continue to step 4.

  4. Please complete the Prerequisite Evaluation form and attach documentation proving you have met the required prerequisite(s). 

    • Examples of documentation include an unofficial transcript or Degree Audit Report (DARS) from the institution where the prerequisite was completed. 

    • We will evaluate your documentation to ensure you have met the requirements to enroll in the class(es) and notify you by email. 

  5. Register for class(es)

    • Click Courses and Registration

    • Click on Search for a Course

    • Select Riverland Community College under College/University

  6. Pay your tuition, view tuition due dates

    • Tuition is due by the payment deadline or within 24 hours after you register. You may make tuition payments online through eServices, set up a payment plan through e-Cashier or pay in person at the bookstore.

    • Visiting students may use financial aid from their home institution by completing a consortium agreement with their home institution (financial aid is not available through Riverland).

    • When financial aid disburses at the home institution, it is the student’s responsibility to take the funds and pay the tuition due at Riverland. You can log into Riverland’s eServices and make the payment using the Bills and Payments tab.

  7. Buy your books at the Riverland Bookstore

  8. Riverland Accounts:  In addition to your eServices account, you are responsible for activating and utilizing your Riverland campus email & D2L account.

  9. Need assistance or have questions?