PSEO / Concurrent

Minnesota High school students wanting to take college-level coursework through Riverland while still in high school.

  1. Determine Eligibility & Apply
  2. Follow the PSEO Getting Started Checklist 

Contacts at Riverland for PSEO and Concurrent Services

Andrea Severtson

Andrea Severtson

Curriculum & Data Records Coordinator

  • for help with PSEO application, paperwork, and orientation.
Britani Espe

Stephanie Emanuel

Academic Advisor

  • for help with selecting and registering for PSEO courses, or requests for information sessions.
Dyan Strouf

Dyan Strouf

Records & Registration Assistant

  • for help with the concurrent classes at your high school from student application to registration
Jean Kyle

Jean Kyle

Director of College Partnerships & Transitions

  • for help with planning contracted PSEO courses or Concurrent Enrollment courses at your high school.