PSEO Course Information

The following Riverland courses or programs are not offered to PSEO Students:

  • Farm Business Management (FBMT/FBMA courses)
  • Supervisory Management (SMGT courses)
  • Truck Driving (TRDR courses)
  • CPRO 1000
  • MUSC 2295
  • MUSC 2297
  • MUSC 2600
  • THTR 2295
  • THTR 2297
  • THTR 2600

If a high school PSEO student chooses to take any of the above courses or programs at Riverland, the student is fully financially responsible for all tuition, fees, and books/materials associated with that course/program. In addition, the Special High School Admission Written Permission Form would need to be completed and submitted by the high school student and their parent/guardian.

This list is subject to change. Please work with the PSEO Advisor regarding any courses that carry extra course fees. Extra course fee information can be found in the course details, by clicking on the course title when searching for courses in E-Services.