Theatre Transfer Pathway

DEGREE TYPE: Associate of Fine Arts     CREDITS: 60    LOCATION: Austin   STARTS: Fall, Spring    COURSE PLAN: Four Semesters   


The Fine Arts Department at Riverland Community College is a comprehensive arts program dedicated to developing the students' intellectual and creative potential in art, music and theatre, through quality instruction and a variety of performance/exhibition opportunities by expecting a high standard in all artistic endeavors.

Theatre Department Overview

Riverland's Theatre Department is a high-energy performance oriented program. Plays produced vary from classical tragedy to modern comedy and from full-scale large cast musicals to intimate small cast plays. Students are encouraged to get involved in all areas of theatre production, including, but not limited to, acting, stage managing, set building and painting. Strong academic offerings provide challenges in and out of the classroom.

Why an AFA in Theatre?

  • An AFA communicates the focus is in the chosen art form - theatre
  • Students will have a directed course of study that will prepare them for transfer to a four-year university or to enter the field.
  • Transfer institutions will have a clearer understanding of the focus and scope of the student's training and education.
  • Practical application courses will ensure the student's involvement in play production.
  • The inclusion of the MnTC will foster communication and conceptualization skills necessary for further study or a professional career.

Why Riverland Theatre?

  • Excellent opportunity to participate no matter what your experience
  • Immediate opportunity to participate in all areas of theatre
  • Articulation agreements in place to ensure smooth transition to university work
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio
  • Opportunity to complete general education classes while focusing on the arts
  • Affordable on-campus housing

About the Department

Riverland Theatre produces four mainstage major productions each academic year: one classic musical, one contemporary musical, one comedy (modem or classic) and one drama (modem or classic). Students also have the opportunity to participate in Summerset Theatre, which has performed on the Riverland campus since 1968. Summerset mounts three main stage productions between June and August.

Riverland Theatre frequently brings professional theatre companies to campus to present performances and conduct workshops. Past guests include the Guthrie Theatre, Mixed Blood Theatre, Project 515, and History Theatre. Travel-study courses such as Big Arts in the Big Apple (USA Cultural Studies) and London Dash give students the opportunity to experience professional theatre in major cities around the globe.

Our department provides a number of financial support opportunities for our students, including the New and Returning Theatre Talent Grant, Summerset Theatre Scholarship, Jerome L. Girton Scholarship, Iverson Family Scholarship, Katie Ann Nelson Scholarship, and numerous workstudy positions. In addition, Summerset Theatre provides paid work opportunities for students during the summer months.

Helpful Background

Students who wish to pursue the AA in Theatre should take advantage of every performance opportunity available. Academic preparation should include the standard college prep courses and especially include any theatre, music or art classes available. Dance training and vocal lessons will further prepare the student for a successful experience.

Transfer and Career opportunities

Students completing an AFA in Theatre can look forward to a smooth transfer to a university enabling the successful student to complete the BA degree in four years. The successful AFA student also has a completed degree in hand and may choose to pursue a career in theatre at that point. In addition to theatre, many with a degree in theatre pursue careers in mass media, film studios, advertising firms, radio/television, business and industry, public relations firms and industrial studios.

Guaranteed Transfer Agreement

Institution Award Degree Curriculum Agreement
Metro State University BA - Theatre Download PDF

Last Updated: March 28, 2018

Theatre Department

Riverland’s Theatre Department is a high-energy, performance-oriented program, providing strong academic offerings and excellent hands-on learning opportunities for students of all experience levels.  Riverland Theatre produces four main stage productions each academic year:  one well-known classic musical, one contemporary musical, one modern or classic drama, and one modern or classic comedy.



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