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Radiography (X-Ray)


Radiography at Riverland

You can look forward to one-on-one attention from excellent faculty in the college's fully equipped radiography laboratory. You will be well trained in all aspects of the appropriate use of technology and caring for the needs of patients. Radiographers play a key role on the medical team and work in many areas outside the Radiology Department including surgery, emergency room, cardiac and intensive care and patient rooms.

Radiography is a consecutive 6-semester, 24-month, 83-credit program accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT). It prepares students to become competent radiologic technologists. Successful students demonstrate an aptitude for science and math, an interest in working with people and technology and the ability to function professionally under stress. The curriculum includes courses in radiation protection, equipment operation and maintenance, image production and evaluation, radiographic procedures and patient care. Clinical education, at various health care facilities in southern Minnesota gives students opportunities to apply skills learned in the classroom. Graduates are eligible to take the nationally recognized ARRT registry exam to become registered technologists in radiography. Students may elect to take a mammography Training course.

    What will I study?
  • Introduction to Radiography and Patient Care
  • Radiographic Pathology and Medical Terminology
  • Radiographic Procedures I
  • Radiographic Procedures II


    Career Outlook

Current Demand

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This career is currently in very high demand.

Future Demand

This career is seeing very high growth compared to other careers.

There will be a need for about 3,305 new Radiologic Technologists to meet market demand between 2016-2026. This includes the demand due to replacement (workers leaving the occupation or retiring) as well as growth.

(source: Minnesota State CAREERwise Education)

Where do Radiologic Technologists most often work?
Job Title Examples

CAT Scan Technologist (Computed Axial Tomography Technologist),  Imaging Specialist,  Ultrasound Technologist,  3D Technologist,  Angiogram Special Procedures Technologist,  CT Scan Technologist (Computed Tomography Scan Technologist),  Computed Tomography Radiologic Technologist (CT Rt),  Magnetic Resonance Imaging Special Procedures Technologist (MRI Special Procedures Technologist),  Mammography Technologist,  Radiographer,  X-Ray Technologist (X-Ray Tech) 


   Program Accreditation

The Radiography Program at Riverland Community College is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) and can be contacted at:

20 North Wacker Driver, Suite 2850
Chicago, IL 60606-2901
(312) 704-5300 e-mail:

The program complies with the JRCERT Standards for an accredited educational program in the radiologic sciences.

Information about the accreditation of Radiologic Technology programs and Riverland Community College’s Radiologic Technology Program pass rates, job placement rates, and program completion rates can be accessed here.

Riverland Community College Radiography Program Effectiveness Data

Radiography Mission Statement

The Riverland Community College Radiography Program’s mission is to inspire and educate students to become successful radiologic technologists who provide exceptional service to the community.


    Program Scholarships

The college offers several scholarships for students to help with the cost of their education.

Guaranteed Transfer Agreement

Institution Award Degree Curriculum Agreement
Concordia University, St. Paul BS - Health Care Education Download PDF
Concordia University, St. Paul BS - Radiologic Science Leadership Download PDF

Last Updated: July 31, 2019

    Quick Facts
  • Associate of Applied Science
  • 83 Credits | Consecutive Six Semesters
  • Location: Austin
  • Offering: Fall


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