Graduate Outcomes - Riverland

Peace Officer/Public Safety Transfer Pathway

  1. Describe and discuss the process by which laws, statutes, and ordinances are enacted and their interrelationship with corresponding sanctions and correction treatment processes.

  2. Document and photograph crime scenes and prepare the case for court.

  3. Understand the Use of Force Continuum used by peace officer agencies and the courts.

  4. Understand the signs of stress and explain how to alleviate it.

  5. Explain the importance of recognizing areas of conflict and mediating a solution.

  6. Understand core ethical principles and how they apply to peace officer situations.

  7. Collect information from a variety of situations and develop a peace officer report.

  8. Demonstrate an understanding and knowledge of Minnesota Statutes, Criminal and Traffic.

  9. Recognize the basic purposes of the constitutional amendments that directly apply to peace officers.

  10. Demonstrate appropriate use of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.

  11. Understand and recognize a subject who may be having a Mental Health emergency requiring an intervention.

  12. Recognize the legal requirements when processing juveniles in the criminal justice system.