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Community Music Engagement

Required Courses

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Theory and Musicianship Skills I (Goal 2 & 6)

This course is the first semester of music theory and aural skills designed for music students, elementary education students, or anyone desiring to develop and improve skills in reading, writing, and understanding music. Students engage in interactive musicianship development including aural, improvisation, and composition skills. Those with little or no music reading background are encouraged to take MUSC 1100 prior to enrolling in 1101.

MnTC (Goals 6/HU and 2/CT); (4 Cr – 3 lect, 1 lab)

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Theory and Musicianship Skills II

MUSC 1102 is a continuation of the study and application of music theory knowledge as well as the continued development of practical musicianship skills: sight-singing, ear training, improvisation, and composition.    Prerequisite: MUSC1101 or instructor approval

 (4 Cr – 3 lect, 1 lab)

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Engaging People with Music

Students desiring to impact society through music are guided through the design and execution of their own unique music engagement plan. Possibilities include a field experience working with youth, elderly, special needs, or immigrant communities; designing performances; creating online or other distribution strategies for self-created music; and collaborating with others on unique projects.

(1 Cr – 0 lect, 1 lab)

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Music in Society: Hymns to Hip-Hop

Music as a living language of love, politics, spirituality, war, and identity is examined through a variety of learning experiences. From songs of ancient world cultures to American Top 40 hits, common social themes and musical traits are traced, compared and contrasted to help students build an understanding of how music has – and continues to – reflect and advance the human experience. No prior musical training or experience is necessary for this introductory course. MnTC (Goal 6/HU and 7/HD); No prerequisite.

(3 Cr – 3 lect, 0 lab)

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Survey of Music (Goal 6 & 8) or MUSC1114

This course is a survey of music and musical style from the beginning of recorded music history through the present. It includes a brief introduction to musical elements and is designed for the student who has little or no training in music. It combines instruction in musical terminology with extensive, critical listening along with an overview of the history of Western music. MnTC (Goal 6/HU and 8/GP); (3 Cr - 3 lect, 0 lab)

Musical Communication Courses

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