FAQ's about the laptop program

How does the laptop computer contribute to my educational experience at Riverland?

Riverland has continued to be on the leading edge of the technology wave that's changing the world. Education and the workplace are being revolutionized. Having the same computer available 24 hours a day in a laptop environment brings a familiarity that individuals and employers alike find useful.

How are laptops used in the classrooms?

  • Interaction among students, faculty, and professionals in the community is enhanced through electronic communication.
  • Access to information, such as the Internet, augment student learning and encourage self-directed learning activities.
  • Computer-aided presentations can be a component of student assignments and used as on-line training. Students can record lectures or take notes in class with the use of the laptop.

How are classrooms equipped?

Classrooms utilized by the laptop programs have wireless network access with printers and projection equipment.

Are there other associated costs?

Yes, Internet access and insurance are two of them. Your program might require you to have an Internet account at home with the Internet provider of your choice. The laptop is insured through the College for accidental damage, loss or theft with a $500 deductible. As a student, you are responsible for the $500 deductible. You may wish to carry insurance to cover the deductible.

Will I still need to buy textbooks?

Yes, most classes use a traditional textbook. Many textbooks include a CD-ROM which is used with your laptop.

Is financial aid available?

Funds from any of the state and federal grants, work-study, scholarships, or student loan programs can be used to cover the cost of a laptop computer.

May I use/purchase my own computer instead of leasing one from the College?

Purchased laptops will not be configured by the College. Students will need to lease a laptop from the College

May I purchase my leased laptop at the end of the year?

No, we are unable to sell the laptops.

How are part-time students involved?

Students who take more than 6 credits per semester are required to lease a laptop from the College or purchase their own laptop. Students taking 6 or fewer credits may decide whether to lease a laptop or purchase their own. Any student enrolled in an Albert Lea accounting class or a class that states a laptop is required, is required to lease or purchase a laptop.

What is the fee for a loaner computer?

If you need a loaner laptop, the cost is $10 per day or $18 per week. This fee can be paid at the bookstore and the laptop picked up at MIS.

When is orientation? Do I have to attend?

Laptop orientations are scheduled before the beginning of each semester. Each student is required to attend one laptop orientation per year.

What is the procedure for reporting a lost or stolen laptop? Damaged? In need of repair?

If the unit is stolen, contact the police and file a report immediately. Once the police report is filed or if the unit is damaged, contact Monica McBee at 507-379-3318. The necessary paperwork will be completed, arrangements made for the payment of any fees, and you may then pick up another laptop. If a laptop is lost or stolen you are responsible for the $500 deductible in addition to the laptop lease fee.

Where are the help desks and when are they open?

Help desks are located in Austin East (Room Open Computer Lab and N114), Albert Lea (Room 101A), and Owatonna (Room 123). These help desks correct minor hardware problems on leased machines and software problems. Sites have spare parts for immediate replacement of faulty parts and are open during morning and afternoon classes.

May I install personal software on the computer?

Leased laptops may have software installed. Copyright laws must be followed. In the event of a software or hardware problem with the machine, the Help Desk may need to restore the hard drive to its original configuration. It is the student's responsibility to backup his/her data.

May students who are not in a "laptop major" lease a laptop?

Yes, other students will have the opportunity to lease a laptop on a first-come, first-served basis if there are extra machines. These will be leased after the first full week of class.

What should I do at the end of the semester?

Near the end of the semester, information is posted to inform students of the re-inventory dates, and times. All laptops should be returned to a Help Desk by the last day of the semester. You must bring your laptop to the Help Desk for re-inventory. You will be charged a $5 per calendar day late fee if the laptop is not re-inventoried by the due date.

What is the College's refund policy?

No refund is available unless there is a total withdrawal from Riverland and the laptop is returned to the Help Desk.