Credit by Exam (Test out)

A student seeking credit by exam must be enrolled at Riverland to be eligible for the Credit by Exam-Test Out process.  The Credit by Exam-Test out is available prior to or within the first 5 days of the term in which the student will receive the credit.  The credit by exam-test out may involved oral, written and/or skill demonstration. The Faculty Evaluator will notify the student ahead of the skills/knowledge demonstration of the modality and the learning outcomes that will be assessed.

  • Students may not take a credit by exam-test out for a course that appears on their transcript; have previously withdrawn from or failed. 
  • Credit by Exam-Test Out fees are non-refundable. 
  • Students who fail a credit by exam-test out may not seek credit for prior learning for the course through portfolio review or any other prior learning assessment method. 

You can start the process by filling out the Personal Prior Learning Survey