Earn Credit For What You Know (Credit for Prior Learning)

Earning credit for what you already know will help you save time and money as you pursue your college education.

There may be a way for you to earn college credits based on verifiable learning you acquired through your life, work or military experience. We call this Credit for Prior Learning (CPL).

The Personal Prior Learning Survey below will help us begin to evaluate your learning from your experiences and begin to assess and evaluate if you know the skills to receive credit certification, or advanced standing toward further Riverland education or career training.


You have a wealth of knowledge and life experiences and we value that at Riverland.

To find out how your experiences could translate to college credit take our Survey:

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College Credit for Experience Options

There are three ways to show Riverland that your knowledge is college-level in order to earn credit towards your program: Pass it, Provide it, or Prove it

Provide IT

Submit military training transcripts, current, valid industry credentials or licenses, etc. that allows you to test out of certain courses.


Build a portfolio of your learning and submit it for review or demonstrate your skills through a Skills Assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How do I know what courses are required for my major to help determine what courses I could try and get college credit for?

Near the top of the Riverland main webpage you can click on the Academics link to find your major, and once you are on your major webpage you can review the Course Sequence tab to find out what courses are required for your major.

How much time and money can I save?

This will depend on the types of courses that are required for your major, how many credits that courses are, and how many courses you believe that you qualify for college credit.

How do I know if I might be qualified to get college credit?

You can review the types or Credit for Prior Learning shown above and then take the free Short Survey to help determine if you could potentially get college credit for your previous experience, exams, or certification(s).

Can I earn college credit based on my professional experience?

Depending on your background, depth of knowledge and length of work experience you could be eligible for earning college credit

Can I earn college credit for volunteer experience?

Just like work experience, depending on your background, depth of knowledge and length of time volunteering you could be eligible for earning college credit.

Do Industry Certifications expire?

It is possible for Industry Certifications to expire based on how long ago you obtained the certification and when you last used the associated skills.

How do I know where to find my Military MOS and Rank?

Look at your DD-214 or speak with an NCO in your unit/team

What if I decide later that I want to learn more about Credit For Prior Learning?

All Riverland students have an assigned advisor and you can reach out to your advisor to learn more make an appointment to visit with an Academic Advisor in the Student Services area on your campus.

Contact Information

Haley Bauer
Assessment Coordinator cpl@riverland.edu