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After teleworking since mid-March, the Riverland Advising Team is back on campus to help you through the advising and registration process!

Monday – Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Appointments are offered in a variety of formats with your comfort and safety in mind:

* Face-to-Face
* Phone
* Zoom
* E-mail

(To help maintain social distancing, we encourage you to connect with us virtually,)

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Riverland’s academic advisors are professionals with advanced degrees who are ready and willing to assist students with their educational needs. Whether you are seeking a certificate to enhance your job skills, an AAS technical/vocational degree to obtain skills for immediate entry to the labor force, or a degree to transfer to a four-year institution, advisors will meet individually with you and help you with your academic planning.

Every student has an assigned Academic Advisor. To determine what Advisor is assigned to a particular major, please view the information below

Amber Caswell, Academic Advisor
Amber Caswell/Academic advisor

Austin East

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Human Services Programs
  • AA – Elementary Education
  • AA – Global Studies
  • AA – Liberal Arts
  • AA – Psychology Transfer Pathway
  • Cosmetology
  • Criminal Justice Transfer Pathway AS
  • Criminal Justice - Corrections Diploma
  • Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement Non-POST
  • Global Studies
  • History Transfer Pathway
  • Human Services
  • Law Enforcement Transfer Pathway AS
  • Massage Therapy
  • Public Safety Dispatch
Alison Sabinish image
Alison Sabinish/Academic Advisor

Austin East

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Human Services Programs
  • Emergency Medical Care
  • Fire Science Technology AAS
  • Fire Services Certificate
Britani Espe
Britani Espe/Academic Advisor

Austin East

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Kris Gullord/Academic Advisor

Albert Lea

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Engineering, Manufacturing, & Technology Programs
  • Applied Technology
  • Auto AAS
  • Auto Diploma
  • Carpentry – Residential
  • Chemistry Transfer Pathway
  • Commercial Carpentry
  • Diesel Technology
  • Electrician – Construction
  • IMMR
  • Machining Diploma
  • Truck Driving
  • Welding Diploma
  • AA/Engineering, Science, Technology, Math Pathway
Business & Administration Programs
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Medical Administrative Assistant AAS
  • Medical Administrative Assistant Diploma
  • Medical Receptionist Cert
Paula Halvorsen/associate registrar

Austin East

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Health Science & Technology Programs
  • Pre-Radiography
  • Radiography

Kathy Kirkpatrick, Associate Registrar

Kathy Kirkpatrick / Associate Registrar

Austin East

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Health Science & Technology Programs
  • Pre-Medical Assistant
  • Medical Assistant
  • Pre-Phlebotomy
  • Phlebotomy
  • Pre-Surgical Tech
Human Services Programs
  • AA – Physical Education/Coaching
  • Coaching
  • Exercise Science Transfer Pathway
  • Personal Trainer/Athletic Coaching

Mel Morem, International Advisor

Mel Morem/international advisor

Austin East

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International Students

English as a Second Language 


Austin East

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Arts, Communications & Information Systems Programs

  • AA - Music Emphasis
  • AFA - Art
  • Cisco Network Associate Certificate
  • Computer Technology AAS
  • Cyber Security AAS
  • Fundmantals of Network Security Certificate
  • Fundamentals of Voice Over IP Certificate
  • Management Information Systems Transfer Pathway
  • Microsoft Systems Engineer Certificate
  • Musical Theatre Transfer Pathway
  • Social Media Marketing Certificate
  • Theatre Transfer Pathway
  • Web Developmer AAS
  • Web Developer Game Design Certificate
  • Web Page Design Certificate
  • AA/Arts, Theatre, Music, Communications & Information Systems Pathway

Health Science & Technology Programs

  • Health Science Broadfield
  • Pre-Nursing
  • Nursing
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Pre-Practical Nursing
  • Practical Nursing
  • AA/ Health Pathway
Katelyn image
katelyn flatness/academic advISOR

Austin East

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The Hormel Foundation Austin Assurance Scholarship

Juliana Sammon, Academic Advisor
Juliana Sammon/academic advisor


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Business, Management, & Administration Programs
  • AA – Business
  • Accounting Transfer Pathway AS
  • Accounting AAS
  • Accounting Diploma
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • Business Transfer Pathway AS
  • Business Certificate
  • Human Resource Development
  • Leadership
  • Tax Preparer Cert
  • Supervising and Managing
  • Supervisory Management AAS
  • Supervisory Management AS
Amy Wagner, Academic Advisor
Amy Wagner/academic advisor

Austin East

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MN Reconnect

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Programs;

  • AA – Ag Sciences
  • AA – Food Science
  • Agribusiness
  • Agricultural Science
  • BioTechnology
  • Food Science Certificate
  • Food Science Technology AS
  • Natural Resource Conservation Cert
  • Precision Ag
  • AA/Ag, Biotechnology, or Food Pathway
Becky White image
Rebecca white/ TRIO Student Support Services advisor

Austin East

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TRIO - Student Support Services

Amanda Mathews, Director of Advising Services

Amanda Mathews / director of advising services

Austin East


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