Awards & Honors

Riverland's Minnesota State Board of Trustees Educators of the Year

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes two distinct categories of Honor; the campus-selected Outstanding Educators and the system-selected Educators of the Year. From the Larger group of Outstanding Educators come approximately six Educators of the Year.

Educators of the Year

2019 Kim Hansen, Accounting

2018 Rhonda Besel, Cosmetology

2014: Sandra Sellner Wee, Radiography

2013: Alan Erdahl, Biology

2011: Pamela Tranby, Biology

2008: Suzette Overby, Human Services

Outstanding Educators

2024 Vicki Kintop

2023 Betsy Goetz

2022 Jenny Corey Gruenes

2022 Catherine Haslag

2020 Rich Watkins

2020 Catherine Haslag

2016 Heidi Schara, Speech

2015: Ellen Goslee, Nursing

2012: Heidi Schara, Speech

2010: Jerry Girton, Theatre

2009: Danyel Helgeson, Nursing

2007: John Olseth, English

Outstanding Service Award

Outstanding Service Awards are presented to individuals or teams who provide outstanding service at the campus level. Award criteria focus on those who have made significant system contributions that warrant recognition.

2015, Mike Howe, Director of Safety and Security