Persistence and Completion Rates

Student Achievement

Some of the standard student achievement measures at Minnesota State for community colleges are second fall persistence and completion rate, third spring completion rate, licensure exam pass rate, and related employment rate for graduates.

Second Fall Student Persistence and Completion Rate

Minnesota State Measure Definition: Percent of a fall entering cohort of regular and transfer students who have been retained, graduated or transferred by the second fall term following original fall enrollment.

The percent of Riverland students (full-time and part-time together), entering in fall 2021 who persisted or completed by the next fall (retained, transferred or graduated): 70.6%

Completion Rate                                                                              

Minnesota State Measure Definition: Percent of an entering cohort of undergraduate regular and transfer students that has completed. Completion is measured as graduation or transfer by the end of the third spring after entry at the colleges.      

The percent of Riverland full-time students, entering in fall 2019 who graduated or transferred by third spring: 59.5%

Licensure Exam Pass Rate

Minnesota State Measure Definition: Percent of a cohort of students or graduates that passed a state or national licensure examination. This measure is a weighted average pass rate and currently includes four licensing exams: nursing, teaching, peace officer, and radiography.

The percent of those Riverland students who took a licensure exam in 2021 and passed: 74.3%

Related Employment Rate for Graduates

Minnesota State Measure Definition: The percent of institution graduates who were available for related employment in the year after graduation who reported they were employed during the year after graduation in a job that was related to their program or major.

The percent of Riverland graduates available for related employment who are in related employment (reported by fiscal year of graduation 2021): 78.5%

You may also refer to the Student Right-To-Know Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates  document.