Office of the President

Adenuga Atewologun, Ph.D.
507-433-0607 (Office)

Welcome to Riverland Community College.

Riverland’s vision is to “give every enrolled student the opportunity to attain their educational goals in an every-changing world.” Our priorities are on you as a student and because of that we continue to find ways to remove student barriers and close the opportunity gap by aligning with the Minnesota State Equity 2030 objective: “By 2030, Minnesota State—together with our partners—will eliminate the educational Equity gaps at every Minnesota State college and university.” Our goals are driven by the fact that today’s Riverland students are nearly one quarter people of color and ranges in ages from 16 to 70 years of age.

When you complete a Riverland degree, diploma or certificate you will learn to possess core abilities in Critical Thinking, Human Diversity, Ethical and Civic Responsibility, Global Perspectives, and People and the Environment. These learning goals are the thematic core of a Riverland education and will not only enhance your quality of life and encourage a zest for learning throughout your life but will also allow you to contribute to the economic vitality of your community.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Riverland embraced technology to a higher degree, and sought new ways to learn. We experienced unrest over immigration, racial violence and a variety of police brutality protests. We have seen our country at best and at our worst. Because of this, Riverland recognizes our need to be agile and respond to emerging and future educational and career goals for every student and helping you to better understand the world around you.

During my years as president of Riverland, I have asked faculty, staff and students to have the audacity to safely break some rules if it leads to becoming exceptional, extraordinary, and excellent. I have watched Riverland move from tentative to bold. I have seen students like you inspire real change at the college in the past several years. So, now we ask you to join us as we move forward, help build a stronger educational foundation for all students, present and future, using gumption and goals that cannot only weather the tests of time but embrace whatever changes lie ahead. At Riverland, everyone has a voice, the challenge becomes how you use it.

Every aspect of a Riverland education is driven by our Riverland Mission Statement:

“To transform lives through excellence
in service, education, and career training.”

We encourage you to join the journey as we continue the move forward and make Riverland exceptional, extraordinary, and excellent for EVERY student that enters a class.

Adenuga Atewologun, Ph.D.
507-433-0607 (Office)